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Why a Mentor is Vital in Business

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A business mentor is not a luxury in business I see it as an essential, for those starting out or well established, a mentor will help you fulfil your potential.
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This Expert Talk looks at why having a mentor can have business and career changing benefits for businesspeople. They say often that it is lonely at the top, but it does not need to be, a mentor can really help. When starting out a mentor can guide and advise you on what is needed to make it through that tricky first year.

About the Author

Tony Silver

Creator of the LinkedIn Profile Audit (LIPA) that generates qualified targeted leads, that lead to ROI and author of two LinkedIn books Tony K Silver is the go-to guy for LinkedIn. He has taken the time to understand the algorithm and has become the LinkedIn profiler, often being ranked in the top 5 by the platforms search criteria. With all his knowledge and 13 years of experience, Tony Delivers