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What you Really Need to Know About Anxiety

The (UN)Broken Chronicles

Language:  English
This book turns all common beliefs of anxiety on their head. Gain a fresh viewpoint on why it is an evolutionary advantage not a punishment. Hack your anxiety permanently and make it work for you.
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This book is for all who experience anxiety in their life or knows someone who does. It seeks to give an explanation of the evolutionary advantage of anxiety and why it is beneficial to have it in the emotional tool-box. There are step by step processes to support a change from the current relationship with anxiety to a more useful one in the future. This book will change how you think about anxiety, forever.

About the Author

Rachel is the (UN)Broken neuroscientist with a passion for supporting all to understand that they are responding in a very normal way to increasingly abnormal conditions. Her PhD thesis developed the world’s very first theory of wellbeing for adults with Autism and she continues to be delighted and enthralled with the world of difference and wellbeing. Wellness is not the absence of illness, nor just a nice to have; it is essential for all to live well and prosper. She researches and works with individuals and organisations so that she can bring wellbeing to life and closer to being a priority.

  • Introduction
  1. Why is Anxiety an Evolutionary Benefit?
    1. Why Do Human Beings Become Anxious?
    2. Evolutionary Approach to Anxiety in Human Beings
  2. Anxiety Mechanisms Within The Brain and Body
    1. The Endocrine and Hormonal Response
    2. The Difference Between Fear and Anxiety
    3. Why Understanding The Nervous System Is So Important
  3. (UN)Broken – The Anxiety Environment Continuum
    1. Anxiety And Your Environment
  4. How Anxiety Could Be The Best Friend You Never Knew You Had
    1. Why We Need To See Anxiety For What It Really Is
    2. How The ALR Is Basically A Reminder Of What Has Been
    3. Why Reflecting On Anxiety Is An Essential Requirement For Your Life
  5. The No-Fix Anxiety Toolkit
    1. The Resources Required For The No-Fix Anxiety Toolkit
    2. The Anxiety Environment
    3. The Anxiety Audit
    4. The Anxiety Appraisal
    5. The Anxiety-Meaning Attachment
    6. Using Your ALR To Suit Your Needs
  6. Choosing Peace As The Companion Of Anxiety
    1. What Does Peace Mean To You?
    2. A Peaceful Exploration
    3. Developing Peace
    4. Cultivating And Maintaining Peace
    5. Living In Peace
  7. How To Build The Best Life With Your New Friend Called Anxiety
    1. Where do we go from here?
    2. Complete an Environmental Audit
    3. Taking Responsibility for Self, Taking Ownership of Life
  • Acknowledgments
  • Bibliography
About the Author

Rachel Taylor