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What to do if Your Weight Loss Stops?

Learn to Lunch

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Reasons we all experience plateaus during weight loss and how to overcome this.
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Learn to Lunch is a series of short talks that look at small changes busy professionals can make in order to enjoy improved health both physically and mentally.

Ola is a Qualified Nutritionist and a Transformational Coach who spent over 30 years working in Financial Services and Project Management. Her own struggles with achieving work life balance and managing her health in the face of a fast-paced environment initially led to her working with a coach; and later to training to be a coach herself.

Ola works with teams that need to perform in fast paced environments. She helps such teams maintain or enhance effectiveness and productivity by supporting them to manage their physical and mental health. She also works one on one with individual professionals who are feeling stuck – health-wise, career-wise or both.

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Ola Molade