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Wasting Time: Good and Bad

Don’t beat yourself up for wasting time! Maybe a good thing!

26m 27s
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Fasten your seatbelt! Manning and Schooler dig into the complexity of wasting time. They, again, blow-up an age-old convention! All about the amazing upside of wasting time. The right way of course.
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WASTING TIME is only when you could do something productive, but you elect to not. The “something productive” must be deliberate, including, doing what YOU DECIDE is wasting time. Much brilliant thought came from people who were just wasting time: staring at the sky, the ocean, walking in the rain or snow, having seemingly irrelevant conversations. Nourishing your brain, reflecting on “whatever,” allowing it to breathe, contemplate and feed your self-awareness are necessary to recuperate from ravages of information overload. Your cranium hard drive is always running, even if in the background.

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Steven J. Manning


Nat Schooler