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Values-Based Leadership

The Key to Building a Values-Based Workplace

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This e-book provides psychological insights, tools and techniques concerning what the key ingredients are that make a values-based leader. Written for HR professionals, current and future leaders.
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Values-based leaders, whilst making healthy profits, work to protect the welfare of their employees; investors; and community. It is a vital leadership trait, and without it, all other leadership traits for example, ‘charisma,’ are rendered ineffective.

This e-book provides psychological insights, tools and techniques concerning what the key ingredients are that make a values-based leader. It is written for HR professionals, current and future leaders, or anyone with an interest in understanding more on this topic, and how it can be applied within the workplace to achieve healthier outcomes.

About the Author

Dorothy Ann Spry is an award-winning organizational psychologist, currently working as an executive coach and consultant, as well as conducting online personality and behavioural profiling. She has a keen interest in both Toxic and Values-Based Leadership styles and how these behaviours play out in the workplace.

Previously, Dorothy has travelled extensively both within the UK and internationally conducting emotional and moral intelligence workshops, executive coaching, and psychometric testing.

  • About the author
  1. Introduction
    1. Overview of This E-Book
    2. Introduction
  2. Values Based Leadership
    1. What Values-Based Leadership ‘Looks’ Like
    2. What Values-Based Leadership ‘Does Not’ Look Like
  3. Three Key Ingredients of Vbl
    1. Three Key Ingredients of Values-Based Leadership
    2. Ingredient Number One: Authentic Leadership
    3. Ingredient Number Two: Ethical Leadership
    4. Ingredient Number Three: Transformational Leadership
    5. Summary
  4. Pressing the Reset Button
    1. Pressing The Reset Button – Start At The Top
    2. Weeding Out Bad Apples
    3. The Dark Triad of Personality Disorders
    4. Case Study
    5. Exercise
    6. Leadership Psychometric Assessments
    7. Values-Based Leadership Tools
  5. Building a Vb Workplace
    1. Building a Values-Based Workplace
    2. Case Study
    3. Other Factors at Play
    4. Case Study
    5. Whistle Blowing and Personal Grievances Policies
    6. Values-Based Training and Development Initiatives
  • Final Thoughts
  • References/Further Reading

Describe the key characteristics of values-based leadership and its benefits Identify dark personality traits in leaders and their impact on organizational culture Apply techniques to transform a workplace into a values-based environment using leadership psychometric assessments and training programs Explain the importance of ethical policies and supporting whistle blowers to maintain a healthy workplace culture

About the Author

Dorothy Spry