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Unleashing Blue Sky Thinking

Business Intelligence Insights for the 21st Century CEO

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This book aims to provide the 21st century business leader with the requisite rites of passage to discover their hidden and unrealized potential so that they begin to unleash it in their working life.
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This book aims to provide the 21st century business leader with the requisite rites of passage to discover their hidden and unrealized potential so that they begin to unleash it in their day to day wpr life. It provides simple yet genius solutions to the myriad situations corporate stewards face as they seek to create value for their organizations. A number of new concepts are introduced in the book. These include ‘thinking without the box’, ‘thinking wide and wild’, brinnovation (breakthrough innovation), winnovation (winning innovation) and co-opetition (creation of business synergies even among competitors). It introduces new theories of business intelligence drawn from nature such as the spider’s web theory, the eagle theory, the giraffe theory and the zebra theory to name just a few. The book furthermore, underscores the importance of guerrilla research methods especially when classical research formulas fail or are inadequate.

About the author

Mufaro Gunduza is an author, motivational speaker, coach and professor at Mount Carmel Institute of Business Intelligence in Harare, Zimbabwe. He has taught at a number of universities in Southern Africa. These include the University of Zimbabwe (UZ), Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU), the Women’s University in Africa (WUA), UNISA, Walter Sisulu University (WSU) and Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT).He pioneered the prestigious Masters Degree in Business Intelligence (MBI) in Africa. He regularly hosts executive seminars and conferences on Creativity & Innovation, Blue Sky Thinking, 360 Degree Ethical Leadership, Boardroom Intelligence, Guerrilla Research Methods and Financial Intelligence & Stewardship. He sits in the following boards: the Great Dyke Educational Trust, the Ethics Institute of Zimbabwe, and Emerald Hill School for the Deaf, the Marlen-Woch Foundation and the Rotary Club of Harare City’s Public Relations Cluster.

  • About the Author
  1. Introduction to Blue Sky Thinking
    1. What is Blue Sky Thinking?
    2. New Vocabulary Associated with Blue Sky Thinking
    3. The Benefits of Blue Sky Thinking to the Modern Corporation
    4. Thinking ‘Without the Box’
    5. Thinking Wide and Wild
    6. Self-Assessment Questions
  2. Is there Fertility in Chaos?
    1. What Corporate Stewards should do during Shipwrecks and Meltdowns
    2. How to Identify the Secret Order in Disorder
    3. How to Thrive in Chaotic Turbulences
    4. The Monotony of Stability versus the Exhilaration of Chaos
    5. From Competition to Co-opetition
    6. Useful Insights from Contemporary Case Studies
    7. Self-Assessment Questions
  3. Re-wiring the Mindset of the 21st Century CEO
    1. How to Erase Impossibility in your Daily Vocabulary by Failing Forward
    2. Turning Lemons into Lemonade
    3. Famous Quotable Quotes on Failure and Success
    4. Self Assessment Questions
    5. Dealing with Disruptive Thinkers, Rebels, Mavericks, Crazy Geniuses and Others
    6. Self-Assessment Questions
    7. Embracing the David and Goliath Concept
    8. Pursuing the Road Less Travelled: How to Plunge without Regrets
    9. Exorcising the Entrapments of Conventionality
    10. Self-Assessment Questions
  4. Tapping Business Insights from Wildlife
    1. The Eagle Theory
    2. The Chameleon Theory
    3. The Zebra Theory
    4. The Giraffe Theory
    5. The Spider’s Web Theory
    6. Self-Assessment Question
    7. The Chinese Bamboo Theory
    8. The Greennovation Theory
    9. Self Assessment Questions
  5. The Fruitfulness of Business Guerrilla Research Methods
    1. What is Guerrilla Research and why do Classical Research Formulas and Strategies Fail?
    2. Data Guerrillas, Special Forces and Commandos
    3. The Fecundity of Guerrilla Tools
    4. Self-Assessment Questions
  6. Multiple Choice Questions
  7. End Notes and References
About the Author

Mufaro Gunduza