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Understanding Innovation: Managing Innovation

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Innovation must be managed. Managing innovation looks at two essential components: the project and the team. We can integrate innovation into the fabric of any organisation. This book shows you how.
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Innovation must be managed. Managing innovation looks at the two essential components of organisational innovation: the project and the team. Innovation work is different from operational work, and must be managed differently. This book examines the various ways projects can develop around organisations: matrix management, the venture team and the independent project organisation. And, while most ‘teams’ in modern companies are anything but, Managing innovation shows how to build truly multi-functional teams that can deliver real innovation and integrate it into the fabric of any enterprise.

About the author

Alan Barker is an author, trainer and coach specialising in creativity, problem-solving and communication skills, with a particular interest in language. He has published over 25 books and ebooks, and has worked with managers on every continent except (so far) Australia and Antarctica. He is an affiliate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a member of the European Speechwriter Network.

  • About the author  
  • Series introduction
  1. Managing the innovation process  
    1. Innovation and operation: two cycles
    2. Crisis or choice: making the move into innovative thinking
    3. Confusing operational and innovative work
  2. Finding a place for innovation
    1. Operational work: functional structure
    2. Innovation work: project structure
    3. Matrix management
    4. The independent project organisation
    5. The venture team
    6. Research and Development: institutionalising innovation
    7. Models of the innovation process
    8. NewProd: a stage model of innovation
  3. Leading innovation teams
    1. The wisdom of teams?
    2. Two kinds of team
    3. Creating the project team
    4. Managing outwards: helping the project survive
    5. Lessons from theatrical practice
    6. Theatre de Complicité: innovating a new idea of theatre
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix: where to go from here

About the Author

Alan Barker