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Trauma Strikes When it Likes!

Prepare your organisation to manage an emergency

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Any employee who has been involved in a traumatic incident may experience post-trauma stress. Find out what an organisation needs to do for the wellbeing of their staff in the aftermath of a crisis.
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Broaden your knowledge of post-trauma by reading this indispensible book written by a Trauma Debriefing expert.

Anyone who has been involved in a traumatic incident may experience post-trauma stress or post-traumatic stress disorder. For some time afterwards and during this period, their productivity and commitment to their organisation can be drastically reduced.

How an organisation treats its staff in the aftermath of a traumatic incident can have a profound effect, not only upon the recovery of the individuals directly involved, but also upon their colleagues and their families.

Organisations need to ensure that they review their contingency planning systems for the smooth running of the business after any critical incident and ensure that the wellbeing of their staff is a high priority.

Not all traumatic incidents are the same. However, the effects will be the same. And so will the solutions.

In-house critical incident management planning is maintain performance and productivity.

  1. Trauma and Coping with the Aftermath of a Critical Incident
  2. Introduction
  3. Defining a traumatic incident
  4. At-risk groups
  5. Those affected, directly and indirectly, following an incident
  6. Post-trauma stress
  7. Immediate reactions to trauma
  8. General symptoms of post-trauma stress
  9. Typical effects of post trauma stress
  10. Organisational responsibility
  11. Risk Assessment
  12. Post-trauma support strategy
  13. The role of line management
  14. Basic listening skills (or counselling skills)
  15. Dealing with anger
  16. Business management issues
  17. PTSD diagnostic criteria
  18. Methodologies in the management of trauma victims
  19. Practical application of the trauma support model
  20. Post-trauma counselling
  21. Key learning points
Trauma is a deep and interesting issue to me because I like to encourage fellow humans when they have serious problems involving their minds and well-being. Therefore, this book is excellent.
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About the Author

Carole Spiers

Carole’s charismatic style and ability to engage emotionally with audiences has made her a sought-after business speaker working with equal success in the contrasting cultures of the UK, the Middle East and internationally. She delivers keynote presentations and Masterclasses at either conferences or seminars and to audiences both large and small.

Carole demonstrates why the physical and mental wellbeing of an organisation’s workforce is the key to a healthy workplace culture and her professional insight and practical advice gains the attention of her audience when she delivers proven strategies that can be implemented immediately.

Being an industry expert on stress, health and wellbeing, Carole also offer personal coaching to senior executives and the C-suite team who often need to perform under pressure. She offers practical solutions that enable businesses to improve employee communication, to retain their top talent and importantly, to reinforce their competitive advantage. 

As CEO of an international Stress and Wellbeing consultancy, Carole is author of Show Stress Who’s Boss! and Tolley’s Managing Stress in the Workplace, commissioned by Lexis-Nexis. As a popular BBC guest-broadcaster, she is the media’s first choice for comment on matters of work-related stress. 

Carole’s focus is on developing a healthy workplace culture through the successful management of stress and organisational change – all of which is underpinned by a compelling philosophy reinforced by her own experience as an Expert Witness before the UK Courts. 

Carole is a Fellow and Past President of the Professional Speaking Association, London. She is currently Chair of International Stress Management Association (ISMA)UK, (a charity and professional association) and founder of Stress Awareness Week.

Carole is UK-based, but is regularly contracted to speak in the Middle East and Europe.

Her Keynote Topics include:

• Wellbeing at the Heart of Corporate Success
• The 4 Pillars of Resilient Leadership
• Show Stress Who’s Boss!
• Changing Times Demand Positive Leadership!
• Forging Relationships by Active Listening

A biography of Carole can be found on Wikipedia