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Transforming Your Underperforming Sales Team

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The answers to “How do I achieve my ambitious sales targets?” and “How do I turn my underperforming sales force into an overperforming selling machine?” can be paraphrase to ‘work smarter not harder’
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The leader of the sales team and their management style is key to the transformation of an underperforming team and the manager must lead the changes, however, ultimately the transformation will be as the result of a team effort, achieved by communication, motivation, involvement, ownership, empowerment and trust. The answers to the age-old questions “How do I achieve my ambitious sales targets?” and “How do I turn my underperforming sales force into a lean mean overperforming selling machine?” can be complex but it can also be summed up by the phrase ‘work smarter not harder’.

About the Author

Geoff has 30 years of international experience, as director with several leading international brands including, Bosch Group. He has a proven track record of building and developing highly successful sales teams that surpass demanding performance targets. His vast experience, includes setting up sales teams, expanding existing European salesforces for growth and transforming underperforming sales teams.A Judo 4th Dan, black belt, represented Great Britain, winner of a European medal. Author of “Beauty and the Beasts” living and working in Nairobi, one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. Know Your Business
    1. Products
    2. Financial
    3. Turnover Growth Analysis
    4. Rate Your Business vs Competitors
    5. Customers
    6. Chapter Summary
    7. Chapter Revision
  2. Know Your Sales Team and Adopt the Right Leadership Style
    1. Individual Skills Ranking
    2. Rate and Rank Your Salespeople
    3. Leadership Style – Your Role as a Leader
    4. Personality Traits
    5. Know Individual Members of Your Sales Team
    6. Chapter summary
    7. Chapter revision
  3. Dynamics in the Sales Process
    1. Outside Factors Affecting Sales
    2. Developing and Incorporating Soft Skills and Emotions
    3. Recognizing the individual – Motivating Your Team
    4. Empowerment and Ownership
    5. Chapter Summary
    6. Revision
  4. Interpreting Your results
    1. The 80/20 Principle
    2. Strengths
    3. Weaknesses
    4. Summary Blank Spreadsheet Templates
    5. Chapter Summary
    6. Revision
  5. Actions
    1. Set Company and Individual KPIs
    2. Allocate Training
    3. Allocate Support
    4. Ensure the Individual Salespersons Commitment
    5. Chapter Summary
    6. Revision
  6. Conclusion
  • Table of Figures
  • References
About the Author

Geoff Hobbs