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Trading and Investment in the Stock Market

A Practical Guide

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This practical guide to long-term investment & trading will help you get started & boost the performance and efficiency of your stock market portfolio.
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Every day, several hundred billion dollars are traded on the stock market. Although online trading and the stock market is a fascinating world that is attracting more and more investors who want to find new sources of income or who are looking to become independent traders, investing in the stock market is not something you can improvise and is also very risky. Learning and training are fundamental in this adventure. This practical guide to long-term investing and trading will help you get started and increase the performance and efficiency of your stock portfolio.

About the Author

Author bio for the websitemax. 600 characters including spaces Franklin is an inspirational leader with a passion for excellence. As well as holding senior executive positions in international companies and institutions, he inspires caring organizations and professionals to find and realize their full potential effectively, through the design and implementation of bespoke, high value-adding strategies for clients in record time. Franklin will help you to develop and implement relevant, effective, practical, and personalized solutions that will allow you to stand out in our increasingly turbulent, complex, chaotic, and ever so demanding global market.

  1. Introduction
  2. Definition and History
    1. Definition
    2. History and evolution
  3. Types and Examples of exchanges (stock markets)
    1. Depending on the product marketed
    2. Typology of exchanges according to the mode of operation (organization of exchanges)
  4. Major world stock exchanges
  5. Main functions of the stock market
  6. Investing vs trading vs savings
  7. Basic rules for investing in the stock market
  8. Conditions of access to the Exchange as an investor
  9. How to get started in the stock market and place orders ?
    1. The concept of a stock market order
    2. Pricing and quotations
    3. Settlement: physical delivery vs. cash settlement
  10. Stock market key players
    1. Investors
    2. The issuers
    3. Intermediaries
    4. Organizational and regulatory bodies
    5. Financial institutions
  11. Organization and functioning of the stock market
    1. How the stock market works
    2. Stock market: trading venues
    3. The two main types of market
  12. Stock Market Performance
    1. Main indicators
    2. Investment risks and volatility
    3. Stock market indices
  13. Investment strategies
    1. Short-term investment strategies
    2. Long-term investment strategies
    3. Automatic and semi-automatic strategies
  14. Establishing an investment plan
  15. How to read a stock market quotation or a stock market table
  16. How to read a stock chart
  17. Stock market analysis
    1. Fundamental analysis
    2. Technical analysis
  18. The psychology of the investor and how to take better advantage of it
  19. Fraud, manipulation, and market abuse - and practical recommendations
  20. Investment resources
  21. Trading & Investment consulting +support with BETRAVE
  22. References
About the Author

Franklin Kamnang Ngansop