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Toward Adaptive Product Delivery

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This is a book that would help the students of Agile, Coaching, Project Management, Product Management, Organizational Culture, and Leadership to gain a proper perspective on Adaptive Product Delivery
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The agile school of thought is humankind's recent upward quantum leap in upgrading its work ethics. We may draw many parallels between Agile and the Dharma, as defined by ancient rishis of India. Both are concerned with how human beings should work for universal good individually and collectively. The fact that Agile continues to prove its relevance to more and more fields of human activity confirms this. Shivakumar Venkatraman's book Toward Adaptive Product Delivery explains to all the interested persons how to maximize the benefits of this boon of Adaptive methods.

About the Author

Shivakumar Venkatraman is one of the first Agile coaches based in India with incredible and consistent contributions to Agile and Coaching. With over a decade’s experience working with Agile teams, Shiva went on to earn his Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach and Team Coach (CEC-CTC), IC Agile Expert in Agile Coaching (ICE-AC) and International Coaching Federation – Professional Coach (ICF-PCC). He is also a 'Certified LeSS Practitioner' (CLP) and a Licensed NLP practitioner by Dr. Richard Bandler, The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

  • About the Author
  • Author’s Note
  1. Projecting Project
    1. Features of an Ideal Project
    2. Projects Becoming a Cause of Their Failure
    3. How to Make Projects Successful?
    4. Common Concerns of Entrepreneurs
  2. Evolution of Adaptive Methodology
    1. The PMI identifies five stages of Project Management2
    2. Notable Methodologies
    3. Methodologies and Humankind’s Evolution
  3. Evolution of Adaptive Methodology (Contd.)
    1. Tim Nesdale on Redefined Terminology of Projects
    2. The emergence of Agile Methods
    3. Manifesto for Agile Software Development2
  4. Products
    1. Product Evolution
    2. Digitalization, An added dimension to Product
    3. Product Management
    4. Product Delivery
    5. Jens-Fabian Goetzmann on Product Management Principles
    6. Definition of Quality
    7. Importance of Quality of the Product
  5. Agile Transformation
  6. Organizational Culture
    1. Culture
    2. Hofstede G On Culture
    3. Organizational Culture
    4. How Vital the Organizational Culture is for Agile Methodology
    5. Michael Moon’s Five Cultural Values that Drive Organizational Agility
    6. Torben Rick on Corporate Culture
    7. Timothy R. Clark on Agile and Psychological Safety
    8. Hofstede G on Organizational Culture
    9. Customer-Centric Culture
    10. Two Points of Concern
  7. Agile Soulset
    1. Human Personality
    2. Agile Soulset
    3. Five Elements – Pancha Koshas – Agile Soulset
  8. Toward Adaptive Product Delivery
    1. On Product-Focused Delivery Model
    2. Project Delivery and Product Delivery
    3. Toward Adaptive Product Delivery and Mindset
    4. Christopher Eaddy on the Need for an Agile Mindset
  9. Commitment
    1. Organizational Performance
    2. Commitment
    3. Other Implications of Commitment
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About the Author

Shivakumar Venkatraman