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Focus on The Netherlands with Universal Tips & Tricks

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This book introduces a career in academia or science in the Netherlands, covering topics such as obtaining your paid PhD position, Research Planning, Academic Writing and moving to the Netherlands.
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Ever wonder about a career in academia or science in the Netherlands? Or could you use some advice on successfully carrying out your PhD research? This book provides many great tips by Eva Lantsoght on topics such as obtaining your paid PhD position in the Netherlands, Research Planning, Academic Writing and possible career steps as a PhD graduate.

Last but not least: you will find valuable information regarding studying, working, arriving, living and research in the Netherlands. All thanks to the great FactCards tool: all about a career in Academia, Research and Science in the Netherlands.

  1. Introduction
  2. About the author: Eva Lantsoght
  3. Focus on The Netherlands
    1. Twenty Things about the Netherlands
    2. Before you arrive
    3. Finding Housing in the Netherlands
    4. Accommodation
    5. Work Permit
    6. Dutch Culture
    7. Dutch History
    8. Your first days in the Netherlands
  4. PhD Research
    1. Selecting a PhD program and supervisor
    2. The PhD Experience
    3. Working in a Research Lab
    4. How to Manage a Research Project
    5. How to know when to change course
    6. The PhD student’s toolbox
    7. How to prepare for your first conference
    8. Explaining the Value of your Science to Friends and Family
  5. Academic Writing
    1. Cultivating the Art of Writing
    2. Your dissertation outline
    3. How to manage my papers
    4. How to start blogging as a researcher
  6. After your PhD
    1. Plan your Career in Science
    2. Highlighting your Academic Skills
    3. Academic Nomads
    4. From PhD student to independent scholar
    5. Navigating Responsibilities as a young Faculty Member
    6. Efficient Teaching
    7. How to start up a new laboratory
    8. How to outline a semester plan
    9. Deep Work
    10. Your Academic Schedule
    11. What I wish I’d known
    12. Self-care in Academia
  7. Your next step in excellence: finding a job
    1. 5 tips for job seekers
    2. Careers in Applied Sciences
Great research tool. I will use the insights to complete my project. It is very helpful.
Crucial advice helpin PhD candidates from point A to the happy end!
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edited by: Francien Horrevorts, AcademicTransfer

Eva Lantsoght