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Time Management while Working Remotely

Skills to Increase Productivity

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Staying focused has become more difficult with many people working remotely and studying for school from home. Keeping up with your time management skills and motivation is critical.
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One thing constant in life is time. Whether it is a timed test, a meeting with a client, or when family dinner will be ready, time is involved with all of them. Time management has been a struggle since the beginning of humankind. In our current situation with a pandemic keeping many people at home, trying to work or study for school make staying focused more difficult. Keeping up time management skills and staying motivated is critical. With having so much control of our days right now working at home, time management skills and strategies have never been so prevalent.

About the Author

Joseph completed his bachelor’s degree in business management and Master of Business Administration from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota. Joseph currently works in human resources, including each phase of the recruiting process and is creating an internal certification program for employees. Joe is also an assistant coach at Saint Mary’s University.

  • About the author
  1. Introduction
    1. Time Management Is Everywhere
    2. How it Will Help
    3. Definitions
    4. Getting started
  2. What Controls Your Time
    1. Family
    2. Work
    3. Obligation
  3. Benefits of Better Time Utilization
    1. Motivation
    2. Being Prepared
    3. You Are in Control
  4. Principles of Time Management
  5. Making it Work/a Personal Approach
    1. Dividing Your Priorities for What Is Important
    2. Personal Sense of Time
    3. Assessing Your Current Workload
  6. Making a Schedule
    1. Daily Time Log
    2. Work vs. Personal
    3. What Works For You
  7. Planning long/short time goals
    1. Short-term Goals
    2. Long-term Goals
    3. Why They Must Work Together
  8. Follow Up Your Progress
    1. Looking Back on Your Progress
    2. Planning for the Next Week
    3. Learning from the Good and Bad
  9. Time Management Problem Areas
    1. Preparation
    2. Getting Back On Track
  10. Common Time-Distractors
    1. Social Media
    2. Family
    3. Home Hobbies
    4. Conversation and Telephones
  11. Staying Motivated
    1. Goals
  12. Conclusion
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About the Author

Joseph Seegers