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The Ultimate Resilience Manual

Bounce Forwards with Resilience to Cope with Key Challenges

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How to develop your Resilience skills to bounce back from setbacks and bounce forward to better cope with change and challenges.
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The global pandemic has accentuated the impact of any key life events or challenges and exacerbated any existing underlying issues or setbacks, both in and outside work. Developing your Resilience skills is the best way to cope with ongoing change, uncertainty, pressure and challenges. This ebook provides an easy reference manual for you to revisit in times of change, stress, pressure, and uncertainty. It contains practical and effective tools and techniques to assist in building your Resilience skills to bounce back from setbacks and bounce forward to better cope with change and challenges.

About the Author

Jill Maidment is the Director and Founder of Natural Talent, an Executive Coaching and Training Practice, based in the UK. She is a highly sought-after and effective international Executive Business Coach, providing Career and Outplacement Coaching and Resilience Coaching, as well as working as a British Psychological Society-qualified Assessor. For 18 years Jill has been working in partnership with HR teams and leaders. She affects real and lasting behavioural change by providing executives with effective, practical tools and techniques to cope with challenges of modern-day leadership.

  • About the autahor
  • Authors note
  1. What is Resilience?
    1. What is Resilience?
    2. Key Skills you can develop to become more Resilient
    3. Why is it Important to develop your Resilience?
    4. Chapter Summary
  2. How to Improve your Self-awareness to become more Resilient
    1. How to improve your Self-awareness
    2. What motivates you?
    3. How to create a Vision and Work/life Balance
    4. How to Understand your Emotions
    5. Chapter Summary
  3. How to Manage Change to become more Resilient?
    1. Situations that create Change and Uncertainty
    2. How do we react to Change along the Change Curve?
    3. How can you personally Manage Change and Setbacks to become more Resilient?
    4. Chapter Summary
  4. What is Stress?
    1. What is Stress?
    2. The Flight, Fight, Freeze Response
    3. The Impact of Stress in the Workplace
    4. The Main Causes of Stress in and outside work
    5. The Main Effects of Stress
    6. Chapter Summary
  5. How can you Manage Stress to become more Resilient?
    1. How well do you Cope with Stress?
    2. How to Improve your ability to Manage Stress
    3. Chapter Summary
  6. How to Build Self-Confidence and Focus on What you can Control to become more Resilient
    1. The ‘UnControllables’
    2. How to Control What You can Control
    3. How to Improve Your Self-Confidence to become more Resilient
    4. How to Control Your Negative Head Chatter to become more Resilient
    5. Chapter Summary
  • Conclusion
  • References
About the Author

Jill Maidment