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The Secret Formula of Hiring Talent

...It’s Not So Secret

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Hiring talent has always been a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be challenging, it just needs a more focused approach.
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The hiring process is broken and job seekers are disenchanted by the entire thing. Companies have the chance to step up and make changes to this process to ensure they can hire talent now and in the future. This includes taking a look at their hiring process, developing their community through corporate social responsibility, being a leader in pay and training hiring managers to remove toxicity and antiquated notions.

About the Author

With 6+ years of experience in Human Resources and Recruiting/Talent Acquisition, I’m passionate about improving cultures and employee and candidate experiences. A People Partner, LLC was founded from this idea of making change. My company is on a mission to change cultures and hiring experiences across the world for employees and job seekers. I spend most of my time writing novels, writing poetry and scripts, acting/performing, participating in improv, spending time with my five dogs, horseback riding, photography, watching American football, watching TV shows and listening to audiobooks.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. Hiring Process
    1. Understanding Your Need
    2. Posting the Job
    3. Candidate Experience
    4. Time Can Be Your Achilles’ Heel
    5. Set Expectations Early
  2. Investing in Your Community
    1. Corporate Social Responsibility
    2. Building Your Pipeline Through Community Involvement
  3. Eliminating Antiquated Hiring Practices
    1. Training Hiring Managers
    2. DEI is a MUST
  4. Being the Leader in Pay
    1. Compensation
    2. Pay Transparency
  5. Leveraging Your Resources
    1. Educational Requirements – Necessary or Not?
    2. You Have a Benefits Package... Use It!
  6. Success is a Few Changes Away
    1. It’s Not Too Late
  • Table of Figures
  • References

Learn better ways to find and hire new people for your team. Find out how to give everyone a fair chance at getting the job. Use good ways to make sure new hires fit well with your team.

About the Author

Alysa Southall