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The Roadmap to Team Flow

How to Unlock Potential and Build High-Performing Teams

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This book is the ultimate guide for leaders and managers looking to create highly engaged, productive, and effective teams by using a practical step-by-step framework for achieving peak performance.
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The Roadmap to Team Flow is a non-fiction, how-to, leadership book, written for leaders and managers who dream about running high-performing teams but struggle with low engagement, poor productivity, and limited team effectiveness. Based on the author's professional experience and the latest neuroscience research, the book offers readers a framework for creating flow in teams. If you want your team to be at the top of their form this book will give you a step-by-step plan and practical resources for building highly engaged teams that achieve peak performance.

About the Author

Roksana Fraczek is a Best-Selling Author, Certified Coach, founder of Dream-Career, and Organizational Psychology and Flow expert. She has almost a decade of experience in supporting teams and one-on-one clients with building stress resilience and creating a sense of fulfilment at work. Drawing from her personal journey of overcoming burnout and becoming a leader, Roksana teaches leaders how to create working conditions that promote productivity, engagement, and joy among their teams. She also supports those who have suffered from burnout and helps them find a path back to their well-being.

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. The power of flow
    1. What is flow?
    2. The role of flow in team success
    3. How to tell if your team is missing flow?
  2. The science behind flow
    1. Brain activity
    2. Attention
    3. Balance
    4. The six zones of challenge
  3. Riding the wave of flow
    1. Build up phase
    2. Gain phase
    3. Peak phase
    4. Afterglow phase
    5. Recovery phase
  4. The roadmap to team flow
    1. Know
    2. Form
    3. Grow
    4. Flow
    5. Glow
  5. Conclusions
  • Table of figures
  • Endnotes

Acquire skills to boost team harmony and efficiency. Apply strategies to balance work demands with personal and group growth. Measure progress and set up continuous improvement goals within the team.

About the Author

Roksana Fraczek