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The Power of Getting up Early

13m 6s
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Our busy lives cost us a lot of time we usually don’t have. Getting up early is a strong tool that you should leverage to improve your life.
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Nowadays everybody is busy with work, kids, friends, school, dinner and everything in between. This sounds great, but it means there is usually not a lot of time left for yourself, a partner or that business you’ve always wanted to start or that course you’ve always wanted take.In this Talk, Peter discusses the power of getting up really early and how you can leverage these extra hours to really make an impact in your life and ambitions.Getting up early is probably one of the most powerful tools you are not using.

About the Author

Even before turning 40, Peter is already a veteran entrepreneur both on- and offline. After his degree in International Business Management he founded a Social Media Strategy consulting business riding the wave of early Social Media adoption in the 2000’s..After a stint as Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach, Peter is now an Online Media Creator with various YouTube channels and Podcasts on his weekly roster.

About the Author

Peter Doesburg