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The Power of Digital Persuasion

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The ultimate guide for online and hybrid event planners in today’s fast changing world with powerful resources and techniques to plan an engaging virtual event.
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Adapting to change means survival. Preparing for a changing world is a determination to win. Virtual event planners will get solid gold knowledge in the art of communicating online, tips on how to build a Digital Persona, leveraging video platforms the smart way, advise on how to use body language for virtual meetings, persuasion techniques to use during live videos, winning friends over customers and allies or over competitors or colleagues, deliver data-oriented meetings, combine humour and use advanced tactics to make them enjoy your show. This is ultimate guide for online and hybrid event planners in today’s fast changing world with powerful resources and techniques to plan an engaging virtual event.

About the author

Abdul Sacoor is a Marketing and Sales Coach based in the East Midlands, UK. He has many years’ experience in the travel industry, gained prior to and during the Covid19 era as a TE (Travel Expert). He is the author of the Travel Consultant Survival Kit and a regular keynote speaker on the platform BUZZ TRAVEL, on topics such as promoting tourism in uncertain times, sustainable tourism, digital negotiation skills. He was also the moderator for the eTourism Revolution talks at the Virtual World Halal Tourism in the Expo 2020.

  • About the Author
  • Author’s Note
  1. Master the art of communicating online
    1. Elements of online communication
    2. Challenges
    3. Use the appropriate platform
    4. Don’t use all caps
    5. Read and re-read before sending
    6. Give the benefit of the doubt and don’t assume
    7. Etiquette always applies
    8. Timing is key
    9. Once you write, it will be saved forever
    10. Don’t always reply instantly
    11. Don’t make your texts too long
    12. Don’t keep texting while you’re talking to someone
  2. How to build a Digital Persona
    1. What is a persona in digital marketing?
    2. How to create personas for digital marketing
    3. Take data-driven decisions
  3. How to use video platforms the smart way
    1. Video communication
    2. Video meeting mindset
    3. The warm-up before any Live video
    4. Keeping engagement rates high
  4. How you can use body language in your virtual meetings
    1. What is body language?
    2. Body language effects in virtual meetings
    3. Tips and tricks to avoid misunderstandings
    4. Things to avoid during virtual meetings
  5. Persuasion techniques on video, to get their attention
    1. Persuasion as a technique or as a weapon?
    2. Using selling methods without selling
    3. Influencing hacks that work
  6. Win friends over customers and allies over competitors or colleagues
    1. Quoting Dale Carnegie’s golden advice
    2. In the end, it’s all about them
    3. How to intelligently care what other people think
  7. Drive data-oriented meetings
    1. Data beats insecurities
    2. Today’s meetings structure to use in your favour
    3. Beat your competitor
  8. Combine humour and use advanced tactics
    1. Humour + visuals = emotion
    2. Your audience also wants be pampered
  9. Make them enjoy your show
    1. It’s not a meeting they want
    2. They know you as the Video Star
  10. Conclusion
    1. Final thoughts
About the Author

Abdul Sacoor