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The Making of a Leader

Language:  English
This book talks about a real person who evolved into an effective leader through his studies and on the job, and will be useful to Management students as well as managers and leaders.
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  • About the author
  • Preface
  1. Values
    1. Flashback
    2. Emotional Intelligence
    3. Flashback
    4. Social values
  2. Assertiveness
    1. Flashback
    2. Assertiveness
  3. Responsibility
    1. Flashback
    2. Responsibility
  4. Ethics
    1. Flashback
    2. Ethics
    3. Ethical challenges in workplace
  5. Team building
    1. Flashback
    2. Team building
    3. Factors for effective team work
    4. Characteristics of high-performance teams
    5. Attributes of high-performance teams
  6. Decision making
    1. Flashback
    2. Decision making
    3. Features of decision making
    4. Types of decisions
    5. Process of decision making
  7. Administrative skills
    1. Flashback
    2. Administrative skills
    3. Practical skills for managers
  8. Delegation and empowerment
    1. Flashback
    2. Delegation
    3. Empowerment
  9. Motivation
    1. Flashback
    2. Motivation
    3. Motivational theories
    4. Impact of motivational theories
  10. Planning
    1. Flashback
    2. Planning
    3. Establishing priorities
    4. Making the plan
    5. Importance of planning
    6. Responsibility for planning
  11. Leadership styles
    1. Flashback
    2. Leadership styles
    3. The Blake and Mouton Managerial Grid
  12. Managing change
    1. Flashback
    2. Managing change
    3. Functions of a leader
    4. Epilogue
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A leader is made, not born. Nobody becomes a leader only through learning as provided by Management courses. They need to experience certain situations – both pleasant and unpleasant or challenging. When their learning is backed by personal experiences, it is like baptism by fire. This book talks about a real person who evolved into an effective leader initially motivated by his own experiences and later learning through his studies and on the job. It has the potential to inspire not only the aspiring leaders but also those already working in managerial and leadership positions.

About the author

Dr. Manmohan Joshi, M.A., M.Ed., Cert. Educational Admin, Dip. HRD, Dip. Mgmt. (UK), MBA, Ph.D. (Mgmt.), has over 45 years' teaching, training and administrative experience. He has worked as Principal of large and reputed educational institutions in India, Kuwait and the Sultanate of Oman.

For his work on Innovative Practices in Value Education he was awarded by the National Council of Educational Research and Training, India.

He is also the recipient of the Best Teacher Award from the Govt. of Tamilnadu as well as the Central Board of Secondary Education, India.

He has presented papers at various national and international conferences under the auspices of UNESCO. He has also conducted various workshops for teachers, students, parents and administrators. The topics covered a wide area viz., Leadership and Team Building, Value Education, Administration Skills, Career Choice, Effective Decision Making in Administration, Effective Communication Skills, Interpersonal Relationships, Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation, Skills in Dealing with Managers, Secretarial Skills. He has also authored several books on different subjects.

He has also worked as Acting Chief Executive for a reputed Training Institute in the Sultanate of Oman.

He is now Head-Training at Acharya Education Services, Bangalore, India, and conducts workshops and training programmes – especially training in Soft Skills and Business Communication - for college professors, teachers and corporate executives. He is actively involved in teaching students of MBA, Law and B.Ed.

About the Author

Manmohan Joshi