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The Keys to Teamwork. Part III

Results Optimization throughout Team Projects

Language:  English
In this book we will review the keys that allow you, as team leader, to achieve optimal results through the masterful execution and follow-up of the work required throughout any project
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As leader of a team, you need to answer three basic questions: what do my team think, what do they do and how do they feel?
Many times, we make the mistake of focusing only on what they do; as leaders especially, we focus on defining and dividing tasks, limiting our interaction with the team to simply keeping track of how they perform the work.
However, excellent leadership is much more; it must lead to optimal results, not only in the completion of tasks, but also in team enrichment and satisfaction. Let me HELP YOU MAXIMIZE YOUR IMPACT AS A LEADER THROUGH THE Optimal Implementation of Projects.

About the Author

Gorka Iglesias has a PhD in Industrial Engineering and holds an MBA. He has been leading teams for more than twenty years in different areas and kinds of companies in international environments. Currently, he works for a large multinational coordinating a network of product development teams based in various European countries.
At the end of 2020 he wrote ‘Ready, Steady, Go! A different and truly effective way to lead teams’ (in Spanish) where he presents his innovative approach to optimizing project management and team leadership.

  • About the author
  • Preface. Introduction to the ‘Ready, Steady, Go!’ method
  1. What to do when motivation fades
  2. Effective meetings
    1. Types of meetings
    2. Preparation for the meeting
  3. ‘Go!’ phase – Act
    1. A bit of theory
    2. Conducting effective meetings
    3. Reflective sessions
    4. Keeping the score
    5. Closing the project
  • Endnotes

About the Author

Gorka Iglesias Toquero