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The Hybrid Work Model

Fuelling Employee Productivity in The Future Workplace

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The book focusses on the benefits and drawbacks of the Hybrid model. There are roles which need to be filled in certain places to deliver the work & working away from the job location is not possible.
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There were a lot of uncertainties around what was coming next. However, we were well-equipped with the various measures to keep us strong/safe and prevent us from the Covid-19 infection - thanks to the Hybrid Work Model. I have looked at the Hybrid Work Model from a holistic perspective. I understand there are industries or roles which have to be filled on-site to deliver the work and working from home or a remote location is not possible. This book is largely focusing on the benefits and the drawbacks of the Hybrid Work Model and Leadership.

About the Author

Sunil More is an HR Transformation professional with 19 years of experience. He’s an HR Evangelist, a speaker, and has been a faculty at various forums. Sunil has worked with employees from multiple countries in implementing HR Technology and the Outsourcing of HR processes. Prior to joining HR, he worked in business processes in Service Delivery and the Processes trainer roles. He has been actively involved in HR Systems & Processes, HR Shared Services, HR Technology, Performance Management, People Strategy, Culture Development, Change Management, HR Analytics & HR Business Partnering.

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  1. Introduction
  2. What is a hybrid working model?
  3. Demystifying 7 myths about Hybrid working model
  4. The Benefits of Hybrid Work
  5. How to Create a Hybrid Work Model?
  6. The Essentials to implement Hybrid Work Model
  7. How To Embrace Hybrid Work
  8. The ways organization design can enable the hybrid workplace
  9. How to sustain successful hybrid work model
  10. Are Remote Teams at a Disadvantage?
  11. Employee burnout: How to avoid?
  12. Driving Performance in the Hybrid Workforce through Workflows and Organization Structure
  13. How to ensure that “Deskless employees” are not neglected
  14. Maximizing Skills Development through Virtual Networks
  15. Leadership in the Hybrid World
  16. Business Case: How Microsoft has learned about successful hybrid work
  17. Summary
  18. References
About the Author

Sunil More