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The Coach’s Handbook

A comprehensive guide to running coaching sessions

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This manual contains a step-by-step process to enable you to run a series of 10 coaching sessions for individuals or groups who wish to embark on a personal journey of self-development.
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The Coach’s Handbook is an accessible resource for those wishing to coach others who want to embark on a personal development journey. It  contains a step-by-step process to enable you to run a series of 10 coaching sessions. Containing both exercises and background information it is designed as a template for working with individuals or groups or for the reader. It uses the GROW model of coaching which was originally conceived by Sir John Whitmore and is probably the most widely used coaching model. GROW represents the four stages within the coaching process. G – goal setting, R – the reality of the coachee, O – the options that an individual can think of and wants, W – way forward,  planning how to move forward to achieve the goal(s) that they have set.  It begins with enabling the individual to think about what they want to do, what they want to have, and what they want to be. It them moves the person forward by encouraging them to explore options, think about what might be holding them back and how they might overcome these self-limiting beliefs. It concludes with commitments to take action.

About the author

Sandy Leong is Director and Head of Training at MyTrainingResources, delivering training across the UK and further afield. She initially trained as a teacher but left teaching to work in a variety of Training and Development roles, finally as a Chief Officer of a Racial Equality Council before setting up her own training company over 25 years ago.
Sandy is a published author, writing both books and training materials; and a professional speaker lecturing on many of the large cruise lines and also on land. She is Chair of the Board of Trustees for a large Charity in the town in which she lives.

  • About the author 
  • Introduction 
  • Coaching Session 1 : Goal Setting: Where are you now & where do you want to be? 
  1. ‘State’ 
  2. Goals 
  3. What do you want from coaching? 
  4. What ‘state’ are you in? 
  5. Wheel of Life 
  6. Setting Goals 
  7. My Goal 
  8. Commitment to your goals 
  9. Learning Review 
  10. Homework 
  11. Coaching Agreement (Sample) 
  12. Coach’s summary 
  • Coaching Session 2 : Putting a Plan to Your Goal(s) 
  1. What ‘state’ are you in? 
  2. Resources & Contacts 
  3. Developing Milestones to Achieve your Goals 
  4. Action steps 
  5. Learning review 
  6. Homework 
  7. Coach’s summary 

  • Coaching Session 3 : Where do beliefs & values come from? 

  1. What ‘state’ are you in? 
  2. Checking progress on your goals 
  3. Beliefs: Positive & Negative 
  4. Positive beliefs 
  5. Negative beliefs 
  6. Scoring your beliefs 
  7. Harnessing your positive beliefs 
  8. Learning review 
  9. Homework 
  10. Coach’s summary

  • Coaching Session 4 : Creating new beliefs 
  1. What ‘state’ are you in today? 
  2. The ‘what makes you happy’ list 
  3. Goals and Milestones Review 
  4. Reaffirming positive beliefs 
  5. Creating new beliefs 
  6. Learning review 
  7. Homework 
  8. Coach’s Summary 
  • Coaching Session 5: Values to Live Your Life By 
  1. Understanding Values 
  2. What ‘state’ are you in? 
  3. My Values 
  4. Values Sheet 
  5. Top 10 Values 
  6. Homework 
  7. Learning Review 
  8. Coach’s Summary 
  • Coaching Session 6: What Drives You?
  1. What ‘state’ are you in? 
  2. Reviewing your goals 
  3. Identifying your needs 
  4. Learning review 
  5. Homework 
  • Coaching Session 7:Motivation 
  1. Motivation – ‘towards’ or ‘away’ patterns 
  2. What ‘state’ are you in? 
  3. Goals and Milestones 
  4. Goals and Milestones 
  5. Checking out your motivations 
  6. Learning review 
  7. Homework 
  8. Coach’s Summary 
  • Coaching Session 8: Communicating to others 
  1. Thinking about Change 
  2. What ‘state’ are you in? 
  3. Dealing with change 
  4. Projecting your message 
  5. Learning review 
  6. Homework 
  7. Coach’s summary 
  • Coaching Session 9: Taking control of your life 
  1. What ‘state’ are you in? 
  2. Internal or External? 
  3. Learning review 
  4. Homework 
  5. Coach’s summary 
  • Coaching Session 10 : Time for a celebration 
  1. Visualisation and Representational Systems 
  2. What ‘state’ are you in today? 
  3. Where did you start from and what you have achieved? 
  4. Setting New Goals 
  5. Coach’s Summary 

About the Author

Sandy Leong

Sandy Leong set up her training business, Sahara Consultancy UK Ltd, - now rebranded as MyTrainingResources, over 25 years ago. She started it at her kitchen table in response to the problems of childcare and the need to be more flexible in her working life, and also having a passion to achieve something of which she could be proud. She is a trained teacher and holds the Certificate in Training & Development.

Sandy is a sought after speaker delivering talks that both entertain and inform. Working both on land and at sea lecturing to many diverse groups from Historical Societies and U3A’s to audiences on board cruise ships.

She is a well-respected trainer delivering management development and personal development training programmes across the UK and internationally, known for her practical and results focussed style.

She is passionate about helping and empowering people, especially women, to develop the confidence to reach their goals.

Locally she is Chair of the Board of Trustees of a large charity, a member of Charnwood Museum Committee and a Past President of a Speakers Club within the umbrella of the National Association of Speaker’s Clubs, holding the Advanced Speakers Award.