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The Basics of Business Management – Vol I

Leadership, Financial Management and Economics

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This book in two volumes offers a quick guide to all major disciplines in business management for both students and practitioners.
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The Basics of Business Management – Vol I is part of the two volumes of The Basics of Business Management book. This is a new approach of putting together material that covers all the major disciplines in business management in one book but in two volumes. It is aimed at both the students and the practitioners in the fields of business studies and economics who require a quick guide book. Vol I highlights the distinction between leadership and management; discusses the key aspects of financial management such as management of cash, credit management, management of working capital, and financial ratios; and covers the key aspects in economics - divided into micro and macroeconomics. You should also read Vol. II to cover all the salient issues in business management. It covers the basics of marketing and international business, logistics management, procurement and disposal management and law.

  1. Introduction to management and leadership 
  2. Management of Cash 
  3. Credit Management 
  4. Management of Working Capital 
  5. Financial ratios and investment analysis 
  6. Supply and Demand 
  7. Theory of Production 
  8. Market Structures and Competition 
  9. Economic Growth and Economic Development 
  10. Population, Unemployment and the Labour Market 
  11. International Trade 
  12. National and International Competitiveness 
  13. Consumption, Saving and Investment 
  14. Money, Banking and the Financial System 
  15. Public Finance and Fiscal Policy 
  16. Foreign Aid 
inspirational writing gives elements to perfection!
Very informative.. This is very good for those business starters.
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