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The 7 Qualities Of Brilliant Executive Coaching

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This book attempts to provide an objective and simplified summary of the most updated facts and elements from well documented studies and literature, complemented by practical examples.
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Executive Coaching is a burgeoning profession that has grown largely unregulated throughout the last five decades. As such, the lines between the serious and improvised professionals as well as the borders between well-supported methods and improvised approaches of undocumented effectiveness are quite blurry. Navigating the complexity of offers and approaches can be a lengthy exercise.

This book attempts to provide an objective and simplified summary of the most updated facts and elements from well documented studies and literature, complemented by practical examples; as such it can serve as both an introductory and a quick reference guide on Executive Coaching for:

  • life coaches who wish to learn executive coaching tools and skills in order to offer their services to businesses;
  • executive coaches who wish to continue to invest in their development and complement their knowledge with additional perspectives;
  • business leaders and HR professionals who wish to learn and use executive coaching tools and skills in their daily working relationships;
  • business professionals who, intending to use external Executive Coaching services and finding the offer confusing, wish to identify clear criteria and selection guidelines to complement and support their evaluation and choice;
  • designers of behavioral training and leadership courses who want to incorporate coaching qualities in their programs.
  1. Introduction
    1. Purpose and benefits
    2. What is Executive Coaching?
    3. A Short History of Executive Coaching
    4. Brilliant Executive Coaching in a nutshell
  2. Listening (Interest in Helping & Problem Solving)
    1. Conscious Listening
    2. Active Listening
  3. Supporting (Interpersonal Sensitivity)
    1. The Interpersonal Sensitivity Process
  4. Modeling (Self-Confidence)
  5. Challenging (Dedication to Courageously Stretch)
  6. Gravitas (Life-long Learning and Self-Development)
  7. Ethics (High Ethics and Integrity)
  8. Rigor (Process Orientation and Use of Modern Tools)
  9. Conclusion
  10. Appendix
No one is a bad listener. But in the process of urgency in mind & action, people are losing concentration and failing to listen effectively. This is a must read book for every mentor who is functioning as Executive coach. From my 35 years of industrial experience in India, Europe & the Middle East in chemical/oil & gas, I agree with the contents based on the field experience of the author.
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About the Author

Laura Lozza

Laura Lozza is a business veteran with international executive experience, a successful entrepreneur and business consultant, an original leadership thinker and a much sought after Executive Coach.

Her background is rich and multicultural; a multilingual “serial expatriate” who worked and lived in many different countries across 4 continents, she has an in-depth understanding of the complexities and challenges of international and global businesses, having served for more that two decades in Innovation, Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Strategy and General Management, first within FMCG giant Procter & Gamble (13 years) and then in leading chemical company Norsk Hydro, later demerged into Yara (14 years).

After leaving the corporate world to co-found Grooa in end 2010, she has rapidly created an international reputation as the most innovative European thinker in the field of Innovation Leadership.

An inspiring and charismatic leadership trainer, who firmly believes that disagreements are the birthplace of collaborative human advances and that diversity of ideas can be productively channeled into exciting journeys of discovery to co-create positive change, her motto is “Leading with a Smile”.  

Her workshops and master classes are full of zest, inspiring provocations and surprising insights. She delivers her training online and face-to-face, both at her own retreat venue in the Netherland (the Grooa Inspiria Learning Center) and at her Client’s venues; she also has a thriving virtual coaching business. She has trained and coached hundreds of senior executives in international companies like Thermofisher, NBC Universal, BP, Mars, Pfizer, Mondelez, Oracle, HSBC, Shibsted, L’Oreal, Abbvie, P&G and Yara.  

In her business consultancy, Laura offers her Clients insights, inspiring cross-cultural perspectives and inquisitive questions. She has a direct and challenging style, combined with humor and positive empathy.