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Team Facilitation the Agile Way

Run Successful Meetings with Purpose and Actionable Outcomes

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Digital teams working in high-pressure environments may struggle to track outcomes of meetings. Instead, they can discover that an Agile approach can lead to more engaging and productive experiences.
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Team Facilitation the Agile way is a playbook for leaders of digital technology teams who are looking for more effective ways to facilitate team events and meetings. The book is designed to help the reader ensure that the meetings they run are purposeful and outcome-focused, by helping their teams to stay on track with agenda items. Readers of this book will learn best practice techniques, which will help them to facilitate team meetings effectively—no matter the size of the attendee list—all by using Agile facilitation practices.

About the Author

Luke is an Agile Workflow Manager with previous experience as a Senior Scrum Master in banking. He has led two remote Scrum teams and is passionate about Agile training. He has scrum mastered during the COVID lockdown and helped launch the McDonald’s Mobile, Order and Pay system worldwide.

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. Introducing Agile facilitation
    1. Glossary of terms
  2. About Agile facilitation
    1. What is Agile facilitation?
    2. Guidance for Agile facilitation
    3. Benefits of Agile facilitation
  3. Agile facilitator preparation
    1. Getting started
    2. Finalizing your plan and getting buy-in from participants
    3. Agile facilitator preparation tasks and facilitation tools checklist
    4. Agile facilitator tools checklist
  4. Team development
    1. Establishing a common purpose
    2. Warm-up games to establish rapport
    3. Team agreements
    4. Putting the team agreement into practice
    5. Next steps in maturing event and meeting practices
  5. Facilitating Agile Scrum events
    1. Agile Scrum events
    2. Summary of facilitating Agile Scrum events
  6. Facilitating team and group meetings
    1. Preparation and homework checks for team and group meetings
    2. Team and group meeting characteristics
    3. Effective preparation before, during and after team meetings
    4. The different types of team meetings
    5. Summary of facilitating team meetings
  7. Troubleshooting
    1. Disruptions
    2. Absenteeism
    3. Latecomers
  • Conclusion
  • Table of figures
  • Endnotes

Create an agile facilitator plan and getting buy-in from participants. Facilitate agile and non-agile team gatherings effectively. Use agile tools like ELMO and Parking lots to manage meeting flow. Encourage team member participation and handle absences or tardiness.

About the Author

Luke Pivac