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Taming an Uncertain Future

Change Strategy Book 1

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Book 1 of the change strategy series explores what change strategy is, why organisations need it to tackle a more complex, uncertain future, fast moving change and accelerating technology.
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This book introduces the change strategy four-part series. You explore what change strategy is, why organisations need it now as we face a more complex, uncertain future, fast moving change, accelerating technology, AI and disruption.Contrary to increasing trend, managing change has become very tactical, causing projects to fail to meet outcomes, people to face change fatigue, and leaving firms wide open to disruption.The book explains what’s going wrong, how organisations can tackle the problems, the value-add change strategy can create and why it is essential to an adaptive future.

About the author

Malcolm Anderson advises and speaks on strategy, future-proofing, organisational transformation and performance. With over 30 years consulting in organisational change, his experience spans Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia, with senior appointments in a variety of industries, public and private sectors and he led a UK business and management faculty.

  • Dedication
  1. What is it that makes Change Strategy important?
    1. The Future is not going to get simpler
    2. Managing change is not strategy
    3. Undirected, unmanaged change is anarchy
    4. Endnotes
  2. What’s wrong with Change Management?
    1. Actually, Change Management works
    2. Strengths and weaknesses of dependence on project managers
    3. Outcomes
    4. Change Fatigue
    5. The Change Leader Challenge
    6. Future Challenges
    7. Endnotes
  3. What exactly is Change Strategy?
    1. Understanding Change and Strategy
    2. What Change Strategy is not
    3. Applications of Change Strategy
    4. Endnote
  4. What difference does Change Strategy make?
    1. Change Strategy is misunderstood
    2. Doing Change without Strategy
    3. Why does Change need Strategy?
    4. What can we learn from this?
    5. Endnotes
  5. Is Change Strategy relevant in this fast-moving age?
    1. Strategic Planning
    2. Change is changing
    3. Change Strategy: preparing us for an unpredictable future
    4. Evolutional Cultures
    5. Endnotes
  6. How are the next books in the series structured?
About the Author

Mal Anderson