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Sustainability – Profit, People and Planet

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Sustainability is no longer a cost to business, done well an integrated sustainability strategy delivers improved business performance. Learn how to achieve this across profit, people and planet.
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Challenges the thinking that sustainability is a cost to business, with a focus on compliance. By considering sustainability (across all areas of ESG) a business can improve its profit and deliver meaningful benefits to people and planet at the same time.Readers are prompted to consider their own business's approach to sustainability and how to make it an integral part of their strategy; done well this will deliver for people and planet as well as improve profit. This is the real meaning of business performance.Sustainability is truly sustainable when it delivers for all stakeholders.

About the Author

Simon is an experienced Sustainability senior leader and Partner at edenseven, who repositioned the UK's leading Facilities Management company (£4.5 bn revenue & 78,000 employees) as a high-performer. Launching Plan Zero, a commitment to net zero by 2025 with 35% achieved, alongside decarbonisation services for clients with 350,000 tonnes saved. Previously Simon was a Global Chief Procurement Officer, working for Tata Group (TGB), Coca-Cola and Dairy Crest. Simon lives in the New Forest, UK with his wife. He has two adult children, a Cocker Spaniel called Teddy, and is a keen sailor.

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. Why is sustainability crucial to business performance?
    1. Introduction to the concept of
    2. Planet + People + Profit = Performance
  2. Profit
    1. Sustainability drives profit by growing revenue, increasing price and improving % margin
  3. People
    1. Sustainability delivers improved engagement from employees, approval from clients and buy in from investors
  4. Planet
    1. Sustainability delivers lower emissions, improved energy efficiency and security, with improved biodiversity
  5. True Sustainability
    1. Sustainability delivers for Planet, People and Profit
  • References
About the Author

Simon King