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Success Planning and Organizing Vol 1

21st Century Success Skills: the “Hard” Approach!

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This eBook empowers you to achieve business and personal success on your own terms. Harness practical tools to achieve your goals with precision and intention.
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This eBook series is designed for individuals seeking to take charge of their life, profession, or corporation and flourish under their own terms. Volume 1 offers lessons on goal-setting, SMART strategy formulation & execution, efficient planning & organizing methods, resilience development, and impediment resolution. Our focus is on a resolute approach to success planning and organizing. We also discuss self-, team-, and organizational optimization. Don't delay your triumph any longer, unleash your potential, and start leading your optimal life today!

About the Author

Franklin is an inspirational leader with a passion for excellence. As well as holding senior executive positions in international companies and institutions, he inspires caring organizations and professionals to find and realize their full potential effectively, through the design and implementation of bespoke, high value-added strategies for clients in record time. In his coaching, he concocts various proven contemporary theories and techniques from the engineering sciences, management, innovation sciences, etc. You will discover in his books very practical and effective recommendations.

  • Introduction
  1. Traits of the 21st Century, and the meaning of Success
    1. Core challenges of the 21st century
    2. Opportunities of the 21st century
    3. Challenges and opportunities from Covid19 and recent global crisis
    4. Success Definition in the 21st century
    5. The success algorithm: key steps to become successful
    6. Universal success formula: how to predict success
    7. Being a successful professional or leader in the 21st century
    8. Being a successful organization in the 21st century
  2. Benefits of planning and organizing for Success
    1. The meaning of planning and organizing for success?
    2. Benefits of planning and organizing for success as individuals and professionals
    3. Benefits of planning and organizing as organizations
    4. Inputs for planning and organizing for success
    5. Data analysis for planning and organizing for success
  3. Goals setting and Planning for Success
    1. Finding Vision, Purpose, and Meaning
    2. Importance of goals setting and planning
    3. Goals and objectives setting process
    4. Organizing and visualizing your goals: the goal pyramid
    5. Goals and objectives alignment for success
    6. Planning and Scheduling for Success
    7. Implementing and executing plans
    8. Monitoring and evaluation
  4. Organizing yourself, work, groups, and teams for success
    1. The meaning of organizing
    2. The importance of organizing and its relation to planning
    3. Organizing your life for success
    4. Organizing your physical world (Workplace, workspace, office and computer): declutter your physical world
    5. Organizing yourself: time management
    6. Organizing for work life balance: Healthy life & Healthy habits
    7. Organizing the workforce: organization structure and design
    8. Organizing work: Jobs design
    9. Organizing for engagement
    10. Organizing communication
    11. Organizing for healthy team dynamics; Enabling & developing a high-performance & positive culture
    12. Organizing for innovation
    13. Organizing systems: the system thinking approach
    14. Organizing operations and workflows- processes improvement
    15. Organizing remote work
    16. Organizing for quality and key stakeholders’ satisfaction
    17. Organizing for problem solving and decision making
  5. Get coached for Success!
  6. Conclusion: To be continued
  • Table of Figures
  • References
About the Author

Franklin Kamnang Ngansop