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Succeed with Strengths

Unleash Your Uniqueness to Achieve Career Success

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Do you want to achieve your next biggest career success? This eBook introduces scientific evidence based approaches to unleash your potential and overcome roadblocks obstructing your potential.
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Do you want to achieve your next biggest career success?Do you know people who consistently achieve exceptional performance? Have you wondered what makes them attain such consistency and excellence?This eBook dives deep into the two key aspects of achieving consistent exceptional performance:

  1. Actualizing your full potential
  2. Overcoming roadblocks that stands in the way of exhibiting your full potential
This eBook introduces you to scientific evidence based approaches to unleash your potential and overcome roadblocks that stand in the way of manifesting your potential.Tags: #career, #strengths, #productivity, #performance, #potential, #success, #uniqueness, #leadership

About the Author

Kharrthikheyan T N is an internationally certified leadership, career and team coach. He coaches professionals, managers and leaders to be at their best and inspire others to give their best. He has coached clients at the levels of Director, Vice President and General Managers from Fortune 500 companies. He is a member and Professional Certified Coach from the International Coaching Federation. Being a Social Cognitive Neuroscience certified coach, he combines insights from Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, and Mindfulness, along with expertise gained from 12 years of his multicultural corporate experience as a global people development leader.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. Wire your brain for career success
    1. Understanding the human brain
    2. Unleash your potential
    3. Reduce and overcome interference
  2. Discover your uniqueness
    1. The paradigm shift
    2. Clues to discover your uniqueness
    3. Additional tools to discover your uniqueness
  3. Exercise your uniqueness
    1. Your unique talents and your life
    2. Exercise your uniqueness consciously
    3. Get Set Go technique
  4. Invest on your uniqueness
    1. Invest on your uniqueness
    2. Nurture your uniqueness
  5. Uniqueness vs weakness
    1. Adopting an efficient approach
    2. What to do with my weakness?
  6. Leverage your uniqueness
    1. How are you leveraging them today?
    2. Leverage your uniqueness more
    3. If short of ideas, use feedforward
  7. Optimize your uniqueness
    1. Your unique talents, labels and tags
    2. Perceived weakness and unique talents
    3. Strategies to optimize use
  8. Strengthen your uniqueness
    1. Build your knowledge
    2. Develop your skills
    3. Deepen your awareness
    4. Aligning knowledge, skills and awareness
  9. Build Relationships
    1. Mindset required to build relationships
    2. The benefit of using your uniqueness to help others
    3. Foundational skills required to build relationships
    4. Approach to leverage your uniqueness for others
  10. Roadblocks to your uniqueness
    1. Your thoughts impact your performance
    2. The Interfering Thinking Patterns
    3. Cause of the interference
    4. Overcoming the interference
  11. The Imposter Syndrome
    1. The Imposter Syndrome
    2. Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome
  12. Your next biggest career success
    1. The natural gift of your brain
    2. Combining the 3 keys with your uniqueness
    3. Reach out
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About the Author

Kharrthikheyan T N