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Strategies of MNCs in the Digital Era

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Multinational Corporations seek to tap global markets to grow their business and increase their profits. They are also driven by a need to protect themselves from the uncertainties of business cycles.
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Strategies of Multinational Corporations can decide their long term sustainability in foreign markets. The digital era calls for strategies that are in greater alignment with customer needs and comply with regulations of the host country. There is a greater need for multinational corporations to embrace digital marketing strategies, garner consumer mind share and tilt the business ecosystem in their favor. The policies of the host country governments enable a multinational corporation to fuel its expansion plans. The expectations of local communities have to be managed well by multinationals.

About the author

Venkatesh Ganapathy presently works as Associate Professor (Marketing) in Presidency Business School, Bangalore. He has worked in the industry for close to two decades in organizations like Castrol India Limited (part of BP PLC) and Firepro Systems Private Limited. He has had a rich and diverse cross-functional experience in areas like Research & Development, Technical Services, Quality Assurance, Strategic Sourcing, Performance Management, and Project Management during his stint in the corporate world.

Venkatesh’s commitment and passion for teaching has made him popular among students. His industry experience has not only added value to his classroom delivery but has also enabled students to seek counseling guidance and placement assistance from him. Venkatesh is adept at teaching subjects in the domains of marketing, human resources, and general management. He has delivered keynote presentations at conferences/ seminars to audiences both large and small.

  1. Globalization of Business
  2. Dimensions of Globalization
  3. Export Promotion Zones
  4. Multinational Companies
  5. Organisation Structure of MNCs
  6. Structural Design of Multinational Enterprises (MNEs)
  7. Control in Multinational Enterprises (MNEs)
  8. Strategies of Multinational Corporations
  9. Multinational Corporations in India
  10. Make-or-Buy Decisions in International Business
  11. Decision Making in Multinational Corporations
  12. Multinational Corporations and Management of Current Assets
  13. Once Upon a Time in America
  14. A First-Time US Expatriate’s experience in a Joint Venture in China
  15. P&G’s success story in Japan
  16. BRICS bank
  17. A review of global economic crises
  18. Strategic Alliances
  19. International Marketing
  20. Strategies of Multinational Corporations in Digital Era
  • Epilogue
About the Author

Venkatesh Ganapathy