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Develop Lifelong Learning Mindsets

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This eBook is written by the Global Chief Learning Officer at McKinsey & Co. In this book, he outlines 6 L&D practices for creating a continuous learning mindset in your company.
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The acceleration of technology will shorten the shelve life of existing knowledge, expertise and skills. Many people need to develop different competencies and become lifelong learners. This book will introduce the reader to 7 lifelong learning mindsets which need to be embraced by people. 

  1.  Lifelong Learning 
  2.  Individuals: become lifelong learners
  3.  Mindset: Focus on growth 
  4.  Mindset: Become a serial master 
  5.  Mindset: Stretch 
  6. Mindset: Build your personal brand & network 
  7.  Mindset: Own your development 
  8.  Mindset: Do what you love 

About the Authors

Dr. Nick H.M. van Dam


Nick has a passion for people development and is excited about helping individuals to reach their full potential. He strongly believes that lifelong learners are more successful professionally and lead happier, more fulfilling lives. Nick is keenly interested in the emerging insights from the fields of positive development including: Psychology, Sociology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Andragogy and Philosophy. These all have enormous potential to transform people development and to lead to the creation of healthy, humanly sustainable organizations. Nick studied Economics, Business Economics and Pedagogy (Vrije Leergangen – Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam), Organizational Sociology (Universiteit van Amsterdam) and earned his Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D., Human Capital Development).

Dr. J. Brassey

Jacqui considers herself very fortunate to be a true Lifelong Learner – throughout her professional career she has been working on quite a few ‘Greenfield’ projects, building a strong ‘M-profile’ within her overall field of expertise as ‘practitioner-academic’, living and working in multiple countries experiencing many different cultures and organizations. 

She brings about 20 years of professional experience in Human Resources (Org. Effectiveness, Leadership Development and Learning, Employee Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion and HR Analytics), Customer Development, Sustainability (NGO) and Academia.