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Stay in the Game Leadership Playbook

Leading through Curveballs, Calamities and Crises

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When the “going is tough”, leaders may naturally rely on the competencies, experiences and practices that have helped them achieve success in the past, but will these strategies work for them now?
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Every day leaders are faced with new challenges that demand their attention. Truly successful leaders don’t run for cover to escape them. They develop new competencies, practices and tools to move fast forward to get ahead of the inevitable curves in the road. That is the premise and promise of this ebook, a playbook for “Staying in the Game”.

We will explore “lessons learned” from real-life leaders and leadership experts who will help you, regardless of your title or organizational role, develop strategies to become the leader you need to be to navigate whatever rough waters you face.

About the author

Lynda McDermott is a highly respected leadership and team development professional who is sought after as a speaker, author, consultant and coach who has worked for over 30 years with organizations in over 35 countries.

Her brand name, Lynda on Leadership, promises that she will help you as an individual and team leader, regardless of your title or organizational role, achieve the world-class results you seek. She inspires and motivates clients around the world with practical expertise and tools to maximize their potential and attain both personal and professional success.

  • Dedication Page
  • About the Author
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction to Stay in the Game Leadership Playbook
  1. How You Become a Stay in the Game Leader
    1. What does it Mean to Engage in “Stay in the Game Leadership”
    2. Example of Leaders who Chose to Stay in the Game
    3. What leadership Strategies are Needed to Stay in the Game and Win?
  2. Selecting and Developing a High-Performance Leadership Team
    1. What is a Leadership Team?
    2. Best Practices and Characteristics of Successful Leadership Teams
    3. Measure the Success of Leadership Teams
  3. Navigating Change
    1. Responses to Perceived Positive and Negative Change
    2. Best practices to move through the Resistance to Change model
    3. How Becoming a Resilient Leader can Help you Navigate Change
  4. Building Great Collaboration with Good Conflict
    1. What is a Conflict?
    2. Why does Great Collaboration Require Good Conflict?
    3. Emotional Intelligence for Managing Conflict and Achieving Collaboration
    4. How We Use Active and Passive Responses to Conflict
    5. Constructive Conflict Best Practices
  5. Balancing Accountability and Empowerment
    1. Deciding on the Appropriate Empowerment Level
    2. Accountability Processes
    3. Do you have the Discipline to Achieve your Goals?
  6. Leading after a Personal Loss
    1. Moving through the Grieving Process
    2. Real Leader Losses
  7. Don’t Just Live Your Life, Lead It!
    1. Leading the Life You Desire
    2. Lead your Life Exercises
    3. Identify your “Leadership Goals for Life”
  • Bibliography
  • Stay in the Game Leadership Workbook

About the Author

Lynda Caryl McDermott