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Self-Advocacy & Confidence for a Fearless Career

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Covering hot-button workplace issues encountered by women, this book empowers readers to develop a strong voice so they can move to new heights in their career through self-advocacy and sisterhood.
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Women have come a long way in the workplace but many are also hitting a wall in their career advancement. Why? We need to go beyond cosmetic fixes and unravel the root causes of the challenges. This book will look into the hot-button workplace issues encountered by women today and show the readers how to move to new heights in their career through self-advocacy and sisterhood ñ first by upgrading their mindset and perspectives, which will then allow them to take impactful actions to empower themselves and other women around them.

About the author

„Netta Jenkins is an accomplished author, global speaker, wife, mother of a 4-month-old baby boy and a 6-year-old bonus son. She’s also Vice President of Global Inclusion for Mosaic Group and Ask Applications, an IAC/InterActiveCorp (NASDAQ: IAC) company, part of a family that includes many of the most successful media and internet brands in   the world, including, HomeAdvisor, Vimeo and more. Netta Jenkins leads the charge on the company’s mission to foster an inclusive, collaborative and forward-thinking workplace. She is currently running a career switch program for (Women, People of Color, LGBTQ, and Differently Abled); free tech classes; diverse mobile innovative incubator;   and bridging global cultural gaps. Netta is also Co-Founder of a game-changing company called “Dipper”, a data technology platform empowering companies to tackle diversity and inclusion that also is digital safe-place and community guiding professionals of color to a better workplace one review at a time, whether good, bad, or indifferent.

Forbes said, “Netta Jenkins has a strong understanding of what empowering people in the workplace can do for the growth of the company”. Under Jenkins’s charge, Google said “IAC Apps (now known as The Mosaic Group and Ask Apps) is a star example of a company pushing towards gender equality as well as overall cultural equality.” The Mosaic Group and Ask Apps (formerly known as IAC Apps) was named one of the 2018 Top Company’s Worldwide for Millennial Women by Mogul and 2017 Profiles in Diversity Journal Excellence Award Winner.

OnlyGood.TV created a show called “Netta D.I.” about Jenkins transformational work. On this show, Jenkins offers solutions to clients and individuals that are facing challenges at their company. Most recently, she has spoken at the Barclays Center before the Spurs   and the Nets played in honor of Becky Hammon (the first female assistant coach in the NBA) on how women are creating change in society. She was a finalist for the prestigious “Advocate of the Year” award by Women in Internet Technology.

Prior to Mosaic Group and Ask Apps, Jenkins was the CEO and Founder of Global Glamour Casting for nine years, where she created a safe space for women to model and   act in a male-driven industry. Jenkins holds a BA in Communications and concentration   in Leadership from the University of Rhode Island and an MBA from Cambridge College, where she was the 2014 graduate commencement speaker.

  • Author Biography
  • Introduction
  1. Self-Advocacy Isn’t Aggressiveness
    1. What’s Self-Advocacy?
    2. Why’s Practicing Self-Advocacy In the Workplace So Challenging?
    3. How To Promote Self-Advocacy In the Workplace
    4. A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats
  2. Negotiation Isn’t About Pushing Others Over
    1. What’s Negotiation?
    2. Why’s Effective Negotiation In the Workplace So Challenging For Women?
    3. How To Effectively Negotiate For What You Want In the Workplace
    4. Negotiation: a Path To Creating Value
  3. Navigating Difficult People in a Difficult World
    1. Why Women Find Dealing With Difficult People At Work Challenging?
    2. How To Communicate Effectively In Difficult Situations
    3. How To Navigate Thorny Situations Without Burning Bridges
    4. Turning Difficult Situations Into Constructive Relationships
  4. Sisterhood Doesn’t Require Sacrificing Your Own Success
    1. What’s “Sisterhood?”
    2. Why’s Cultivating Sisterhood So Challenging In the Workplace?
    3. Sisterhood In the Work Environment Starts With You
    4. How Leadership Can Empower Women and Reinforce Sisterhood In the Workplace
    5. Sisterhood: the Golden Thread That Ties Us Together
  • Conclusion: Taking Responsibility For Change
About the Author

Netta Jenkins