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Expert Talk: Data Security Protection & Management

In this talk, Nathaniel interviews David Clarke about Data Security Protection & Management.

A Concise Guide to Neurodiversity

12DAVID CYCLEBACKA CONCISE GUIDE TO NEURODIVERSITY3A Concise Guide to Neurodiversity1st edition© 2021 David Cycleback & bookboon.comISBN 978-87-403-3680-1Peer review by Catarina Amorim

An Introductory Guide to Ancient Counting Systems

12DAVID CYCLEBACKAN INTRODUCTORY GUIDE TO ANCIENT COUNTING SYSTEMS3An Introductory Guide to Ancient Counting Systems1st edition© 2021 David Cycleback & bookboon.comISBN 978-87-403-3650

Expert Talk: Performing Brilliantly, Virtually

“Recovering software developer” David Horowitz shifted gears to launch a start-up helping teams to improve how they work together. We explore how he collaborates with his co-founder.

In Focus: The Role of People Professionals

David D'Souza, Membership Director at CIPD, discusses people professionals and their role in a rapidly changing world.

Expert Talk: How to Attract your Co-Creators

In this interview Judy’s Clean Language questions help coach David Saville to discover how metaphor underpins his thinking about how he finds the best people to work with.

Audiobook: 33 Steps to Great Presentations

In 33 chapters, each of which you can read in three minutes or less, David Beckett shares his 20 years of experience, based on hundreds of presentations given to thousands of people.

Nature and Limits of Human Knowledge

12DAVID CYCLEBACKNATURE AND LIMITS OF HUMAN KNOWLEDGE3Nature and Limits of Human Knowledge1st edition© 2021 David Cycleback & bookboon.comISBN 978-87-403-3657-3

Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence

1 2DAVID CYCLEBACKPHILOSOPHY OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE3Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence1st edition© 2018 David Cycleback & bookboon.comISBN 978-87-403-2582-9Peer review by Catarina

Making the Transition from Startup to Corporate

David Beckett gives insight into how to move from a small company or working as freelancer to taking in a role and working in a larger organization.