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Rise with Resilience

Navigate, Thrive and Lead through Change and Uncertainty

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Change and uncertainty isn’t always easy to navigate. This eBook introduces you to scientifically researched mindset, skills and behaviours that help you bounce forward amidst change and uncertainty.
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Change and uncertainty isn’t always easy to navigate. This eBook introduces you to scientifically researched mindset, skills and behaviours that can help you develop your resilience so that you can navigate change and uncertainty better. These skills build further on your leadership capability to lead yourself and your teams in times of uncertainty and change. This eBook is not about surviving or coping with change and adversity. Rather, this book is about growing, thriving and moving forward amidst change and adversity. Are you ready to get unstuck, bounce back and move forward with optimism?

About the Author

Kharrthikheyan T N, is an internationally certified leadership, career and team coach. He coaches professionals and leaders to be at their best and inspire others to give their best. He is a member and Professional Certified Coach from the International Coaching Federation. Being a Social Cognitive Neuroscience certified coach, he combines insights from Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, and Mindfulness, along with expertise gained from 12 years of corporate experience as a global people development leader. His earlier clients were: Accenture, Aon, AstraZeneca, Cisco, Cognizant, Denso, etc

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. Change and You
    1. Change and your Brain
    2. Change and the SCARF model of social experience
  2. Navigating Change, Uncertainty and Adversity
    1. Your experience of navigating change and uncertainty
    2. Change Vs Transition
  3. Resilience and Change
    1. Resilience and your brain
    2. Foundations of building Resilience
    3. Levers for building Resilience
  4. Self-Compassion
    1. Self-compassion and you
    2. Self-Compassion and Change
    3. Cultivating Self-Compassion
  5. Emotional Regulation
    1. Emotional regulation and You
    2. Emotional regulation and Change
    3. Developing emotional regulation
  6. Overcoming thinking traps
    1. Your automatic thoughts
    2. The Thinking Traps
    3. Overcoming thinking traps
  7. Growth Mindset
    1. Growth mindset vs Fixed mindset
    2. Neuroscience of a Growth Mindset
    3. Cultivating a Growth Mindset
  8. Self-Efficacy
    1. Understanding Self-efficacy
    2. Self-efficacy and Change
    3. Building Self-Efficacy
  9. Realistic Optimism
    1. Understanding realistic optimism
    2. The Three important factors of Realistic Optimism
    3. Practicing realistic optimism
  10. Empathy
    1. Understanding Empathy
    2. Empathy and Change
    3. Developing Empathy
  11. Cognitive Agility
    1. Understanding Cognitive Agility
    2. Cognitive Agility and Change
    3. Developing Cognitive Agility
  12. Action Plan and Reach out
    1. The power of reflective learning
    2. Moving from learning to action
    3. Reach out
  • Bibliography & References
About the Author

Kharrthikheyan T N