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Reimagining Diversity & Inclusion

We’ve Done Good Work on DEI Recently, but We’ve Hit a Wall

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Diversity initiatives often fail because they focus on a small number of visible demographic minorities and assume that their experiences in the workplace define the workplace as a whole.
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Traditional demographic categories have two unintended consequences: they fuel divisiveness in the workplace, and they overlook large groups of workers who could benefit from DEI in the workplace because of their lack of awareness. Leaders can't expect a system designed for yesterday's homogeneous workforce to work for today's diverse workforce. To achieve a significant shift in DEI, companies must approach the issue from a completely new angle.

About the Author

Jim Woods is the President and CEO of Woods Kovalova Group, and head of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Practice. He works with senior executives and leadership teams to create a significant and sustainable impact in DE&I. He is a grandfather of four and is happily married to his partner Lucy Kovalova-Woods. Education: Capella University, MS in Organizational Development and Human Resources

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. How to Put Together an Inclusive Culture: The Foundation of Belonging
  2. Establish a set of rules, Define Culture Fit and Accountability
    1. Hiring Bias
    2. Managing Day-to-Day Operations
  3. How to Begin or Revise Your Diversity Recruitment Plan
  4. Connections between Inclusion and Employee Satisfaction
    1. Obstacles to Racial and Ethnic Minority Inclusion
    2. Using D&I to Motivate Employees
  5. Inclusion: Five Principles for Achieving Meaningful and Long-term Change
  6. Women on Women Bias: How Self-efficacy Impacts the Workplace and Society
  7. Four Ways Leaders Can Promote Collaboration
  8. Three Ways HR Can Advance Underrepresented Employees
  9. Two Effective Strategies for Managers to Combat Implicit Biases
  • References

About the Author

Jim Woods

Jim Woods and Lucy Kovalova-Woods are personal development and corporate training experts with over 30 years of experience in helping improve the quality of life for people everywhere.
They are co-founders of Woods Kovalova Group with HQ in Denver, CO, USA. They enable people to change massively in a short period of time in remarkable ways that transform their lives, their family’s, and society. Their websites are,, and
Their journey as leading peak performance coaches started two years ago, after collecting the strategies from their leadership development practice of 20 years and countless sessions with leaders from all walks of life and business, they realized they had an idea that could help people rediscover their possibilities.
Combining everything that has been learned, achieved, and developed, they created Peak Performance Systems.
This book can help you overcome your fears and doubts, feelings of overwhelming anxiety, bad luck, bad timing, and despair to find more passion and success than ever. Anytime you feel you need more assistance, please feel free to reach out: or In the meantime, hold on.