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Redefining Purpose

Transcendent Leadership for Times of Disruption

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A proposal of a new vision of leadership, where profitability comes as a result of the development of a higher purpose using Transcendent Leadership.
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REDEFINING PURPOSE proposes a new vision of leadership, where profitability comes as a result of the development of a higher purpose in the business, using Transcendent Leadership. Developing this Leader invites us to understand the decision-making process at a mental/emotional level, to a process of self-knowledge and to the application of behavioural rules towards oneself and the outside world. These rules, inner and external, constitute the action that shows the subconscious the way to change limiting beliefs that are difficult to identify and access.

About the Author

Santiago Mariño is a leadership consultant, he works with individuals and organizations seeking to take their business to a higher purpose in sustainability and self-awareness. A certified executive coach for more than 12 years, he has 20 years of previous practice in product development and marketing positions in the industry. His work focuses on the clients' leadership skills through the identification and resignification of their limiting beliefs and the search for new meaning at work by establishing the relationship between the organization's purpose and their personal life purpose.

  • Santiago Mariño’s Bio
  • Introduction
  1. The Arguments of our Brain
    1. Our cerebral foundations
    2. The belief system
    3. Our unquestionable truths
    4. The Ladder of Inference
    5. The extent to which emotions influence us
    6. The assault on the brain and the perishing of the self
    7. The Expansion of Consciousness
  2. The Fear Economy
    1. An existential position
    2. The sleeping rottenness
    3. The collective consciousness of pain
    4. The power blocks
    5. The addiction to power
    6. The role of the elites
    7. The role of contrast
  3. Transcendent Leadership
    1. Leadership in times of disruption
    2. What is Transcendent Leadership
    3. The Fundamental Principles (FP)
    4. The Inner Rules (IR)
    5. The External Rules (ER)
  • Conclusion
  • Table of Figures
  • References
  • Notes

Understand the connection between self-knowledge, decision-making, and leadership Gain insights on how to foster system-wide growth, sustainability, and meaningful existence Explore the shift towards leadership that transcends traditional profit-driven models

About the Author

Santiago Mariño Charria