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Radical Responsibility

Strategies for Ethical Leadership and Social Impact

Language:  English
A thought-provoking book that delves into the concept of ethical leadership and its potential for creating positive social change.
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Radical Responsibility: Provocative Strategies for Ethical Leadership and Social Impact: a thought-provoking book that delves into the concept of ethical leadership and its potential for creating positive social change. The book challenges traditional notions of responsibility and calls upon leaders to embrace a radical mindset. Through a combination of insightful analysis and practical strategies, we explore the power of personal accountability, ethical decision-making, and transformative action in addressing complex social issues.

About the Author

Donna Karlin is a transformational force. With 40+ years in coaching psychology, and leadership development, she sparks excellence. Her wisdom empowers industry giants and entrepreneurs, propelling them to new heights. A masterful wordsmith, Donna's wit-infused coaching unlocks potential, addressing core challenges. Author, speaker, provocateur—she redefines leadership globally. Her legacy thrives in The Shadow Coaching® method, unearthing dormant power. TED Fellow coach, Harvard Founding Fellow—Donna's unstoppable passion leaves an indelible mark.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. Deconstructing Responsibility
    1. Shattering the Conventional: The Myth of Traditional Responsibility
    2. Radical Responsibility: A New Paradigm
    3. The Responsibility Illusion: When Good Intentions Aren’t Enough
  2. Reimagining Leadership
    1. Unmasking Leadership: The Hidden Pitfalls of Power
    2. The Antidote to Tyranny: Ethical Leadership Defined
    3. Beyond the Ego: A Leader’s True Power
  3. The Ethical Dimension
    1. The Moral Compass: Navigating Right and Wrong
    2. Utilitarianism, Deontology, and Virtue Ethics: Outdated or Misunderstood?
    3. Ethical Relativism: A Dangerous Slippery Slope
  4. Accountability, An Unavoidable Necessity
    1. Accountability versus Blame Culture: The Delicate Balance
    2. Leading by Example: Personal Accountability in Leadership
    3. Ethics in the Mirror: The Ultimate Accountability Test
  5. Decision Making, The Devil’s Workshop
    1. The Ethical Dilemma: Making Tough Choices
    2. Bias, Emotion, and Reason: The Triumvirate of Decision-Making
    3. Transparent Decisions: Navigating the Grey Area
  6. Transformative Action, The Key to Change
    1. Talk is Cheap: The Value of Praxis in Leadership
    2. From Passion to Action: The Power of Ethical Commitment
    3. Radicalism in Action: Inspiring Case Studies of Transformative Change
  7. Tackling Social Challenges
    1. The Butterfly Effect: How Ethical Leadership Influences Social Change
    2. Challenging the Status Quo: Strategies for Social Impact
    3. Inequality, Poverty, and Climate Crisis: Radical Responsibility in Action
  8. The Future of Leadership
    1. Leadership in a Post-COVID World: A Paradigm Shift
    2. AI, Ethics, and Responsibility: Navigating the Uncertain Future
    3. The Radical Leader: Embodying the Change We Need
  • Summary: Final Reflections
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About the Author

Donna Karlin