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Psychology of Change Management

A Leadership Guide for Successful Transformation

Language:  English
This book explains psychological aspects of change management and provides a robust plug-n-play framework.
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Changes are the persistent companions of our lives. Sometimes we initiate those changes ourselves. At other moments, especially in a working environment, the change is initiated by others;However, we are often expected to get involved immediately and even lead it.How to drive changes successfully? What emotions influence the perception of a change, and how to manage them? How to overcome reluctance and motivate others? How to make people feel willing and confident during the change process?This book will answer all these questions and provide you with a robust plug-n-play framework.

About the Author

Tatiana Lukyanova is an Emotional Intelligence and Agile Coach based in the Netherlands. Tatiana has more than 15 years of experience in Product Management and Business Development. Successful at creating hyper-productive teams, she is now coaching effective communication, process transformation, and leadership. Tatiana has a MSc in Communication, Behaviour and Credibility Analysis at Manchester Metropolitan University. She is also the author of “A user guide to the unconscious mind”.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. Introducing the Change
  2. Emotional Response to a Change
    1. Sadness
    2. Fear
  3. Emotion Management
    1. Managing sadness and fear
    2. Higher management: Bottom-up approach
    3. Dealing with reluctance
    4. Building up confidence
    5. Practical application of the Kübler-Ross model
  4. Driving the Change Process
    1. Roles and responsibilities
    2. Choosing the change leaders
    3. Communication
    4. Complex cross teams dependencies
  5. Summary and Frameworks
  • References
About the Author

Tatiana Lukyanova