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Product Strategy Mastery

Crafting Winning Strategies for Product Leaders

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Our book delves into the crucial elements behind successful products. It unveils the strategic vision that underpins achievements, carefully balancing market dynamics and customer needs.
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Ideal readers of this book are aspiring product leaders, seasoned professionals, and anyone eager to grasp the essence of crafting effective strategies. Through this comprehensive guide, readers will gain the skills to articulate and execute strategies that resonate with everyday decision-making.

We present a step-by-step process for formulating intelligent and thoughtful strategies, offering insights on garnering support and ensuring successful implementation. 'Mastering Product Strategy' equips readers with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the intricate world of product leadership.

About the author

Himankini Shah is an experienced technical product manager and Product School coach. She is currently leading the strategic vision of technology products to optimize automation using ML practices to move towards a 'hands off the wheel' approach in the Compensation space.

Prior to that, Himankini worked as an Office 365 and SharePoint Consultant at Microsoft, where she led and managed more than 250 engagements with Microsoft Gold and Silver certified partners successfully receiving several appreciations.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. Product Strategy Overview
    1. The Elevator Pitch Framework
  2. Filling in the Elevator Pitch Step by Step
    1. Determine your target customers
    2. Fill in customer need
    3. Choosing the Market Category
    4. Filling in the Key Benefit
    5. Identifying Competitors and Alternatives
    6. Identifying Product Differentiation
  3. How to Develop Product Strategy
    1. Make strategy work
    2. How to collect and organize input
    3. How to identify key stakeholders
    4. Build support for your strategy
  4. You Have a Strategy, Now What?
    1. Maintain your strategy
    2. How to implement a strategy
  5. Next Steps
  • References
About the Author

Himankini Shah