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Practical Feng Shui

How to Maximize the Energies of Your Workplace

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To feel ourselves in harmony with our work surroundings is a gift beyond measure. The recommendations in this book help to identify strengths and correct weaknesses in any type of workspace.
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Realizing that every town, city, and country ‘vibrates’ at a specific frequency, we start to understand why we feel comfortable in certain places and not in others. Where we spend time while working is just as important as where we live. Regardless of whether you have recently started working from home, or are redesigning a corporate workspace for your company, this book will assist you in controlling the Feng Shui of your environment. Optimizing your work time, maximizing output, and increasing turnover will all become easier once you learn how to follow Feng Shui guidelines.

About the Author

Since training under Feng Shui Master William Spear in the ‘80s, Jean Gilhead has had her own practice and run courses in London, Barcelona, and Madrid.Over the years, she has worked on houses, apartments, offices and workspaces, health clinics, art and design studios, music and recording studios, restaurants, bars, holistic centers, shops, and language schools.Jean has published many articles and e-guides: a novel, 'Living in Bright Shadows' (also in Spanish), and ‘Holistic Time Management’ and ‘Practical Mindfulness’ (also in Norwegian) for Bookboon.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. What is Feng Shui?
    1. Feng Shui in the 21St Century
    2. Background and Philosophy
    3. The Magic Square, the I-Ching and the Ba-Gua
    4. Geomancy – Being in Harmony with Our Surroundings
  2. What is Chi?
    1. Vital Energy!
    2. Yin and Yang
    3. Cosmic, Human (and Animal) and Earth Chi
    4. Natural Movement of Chi
    5. Cutting Chi
  3. Understanding Your Body’s Energies
    1. Good Vibrations
    2. Our Subtle Energies
    3. Moving into the ‘Age of Experience’
  4. Your Optimum Workplace
    1. The Ba-Gua and its Attributes
    2. Building and Room Shapes
    3. Missing Spaces and Projections
    4. Points of Power
    5. Fixed and Fluid Placements, and Cures
    6. Rooms in a Workspace
    7. Stairs and Lifts/Elevators
    8. Entrance Door
  5. Building Sickness
    1. Geopathic and Electromagnetic Stress
    2. A Word About Computers
    3. Predecessor Law
  6. Maximizing Your Workplace
    1. Intention and Visualization
    2. More Feng Shui ‘Cures’
    3. Mirrors
    4. Harmonizing Opposites
    5. How to Carry Out a Basic Feng Shui Study
  7. Deeper Aspects of the Ba-Gua
    1. Empowering Insights
    2. If Things Do Not Improve
    3. General Feng Shui Tips
  • Working Feng Shui Study of an Office Space in Madrid, Spain (From My Own Case Notes)
  • Glossary
About the Author

Jean Gilhead