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PowerPoint 2010 Advanced

Slides, Animation and Layouts

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This eBook will teach you how to use several interesting and exciting features from PowerPoint 2010.
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This eBook will teach you how to use several interesting and exciting features from PowerPoint 2010. For example how to change the slide layout, insert objects and format slides in your PowerPoint presentation. Another interesting feature is animation. Read this eBook and learn how to apply entry (transition) effects to slides, how to use custom animation and how to use animation schemes.

  1. Section 1 The basics
    1. Launching powerpoint
    2. The PowerpointScreen
    3. Ribbon
  2. Section 2 Creating a Presentation
    1. Creating presentations
    2. Changing the slide layout
    3. Saving a presentation
  3. Section 3 Powerpoint views
    1. Different ways to view slides
    2. Working with outline view
    3. Slide sorter view
    4. Slide show view
  4. Section 4 Formatting slides
    1. Selecting placeholders and text
    2. Formatting text
    3. Formatting numbered and bulleted lists
  5. Section 5 Objects
    1. Charts
    2. Formatting charts
    3. Layout ribbon
    4. Illustrations
    5. Smartart
    6. The Design Ribbon
    7. Creating A SmartartOrganisation Chart
    8. Pictures
    9. Clip art
    10. Tables
  6. Section 6 Slide types and layouts
    1. Slides
    2. Slide formatting
    3. Master slides
  7. Section 7 Transition and animation effects
    1. Animation effects
    2. Slide Timings On Transitions
    3. Printing
  8. Section 8 Organise and deliver presentations
    1. Running a slide show
    2. Saving as different types
I've used PowerPoint for years, but it never hurts to see what might be new! The book spends a lot of time on the Ribbon and slide formatting, which seems wasted in an "advanced" book. However, the section on animation and transitions was excellent, and there were tidbits throughout which I will able to use in the future. Thanks for a great book!
El diseño es un arte, y Power Point es el complemento para elaborar el arte y el diseño de excelentes presentaciones
Very good and simple 2 understand
Detailed and organized. Anyone who is into animations and would love to learn more on how to use them in presentations must take some time to go through this.
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