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Positive Thinking, Now!

Unlock Your Happiness By Re-Programming How You Think

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With over 60,000 thoughts a day, our mind has a crucial role in shaping the quality of our lives. In this book, I empower you to cultivate and embed positive thoughts that facilitate happy success.
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This book is written with your thoughts in mind. The way our brains are subconsciously programmed has a significant shape on how we think, feel and behave. When we become aware of our thoughts and their toxic impact, it opens our eyes to the potential for improving our confidence and happiness. The purpose of this book is to challenge your mind’s activity in the pursuit of greater well-being. Teamed up with knowledge and action, you could access your untapped potential, deliver a stronger performance, experience greater fulfilment and be confident in shaping the future you deserve.

About the Author

In the aftermath of depression in 1998, I knew that some radical life-changes were needed. I set up a coaching and personal development consultancy, crafting a reputation for delivering impactful & quality results in the leadership field for over twenty years.

In 2013, I reassessed my happiness and made some new choices, focusing on being the best version of myself. I closed my business, realigned my values and poured my passion into meditation, yoga, creative writing and travel. Now, living my dream with well-being at my core, I can authentically support others on their journey to well-being.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. The Impact of Negative Thinking
    1. Is this me?
    2. How this could shape my life
    3. Time to take action
  2. The Psychology of Life
    1. Where our thoughts begin - a moment of perfection
    2. How our thoughts evolve - Our Hilltop of Experience
    3. How our thoughts rule our world
    4. Time to take action
  3. The Science Behind our Thoughts
    1. The old paradigm v the new world view
    2. The old paradigm; Descartes’ and Newton’s mechanistic view
    3. Einstein and the birth of Quantum Physics
    4. What does the new science mean to us?
    5. The conscious and subconscious mind
    6. We are in more control than we thought
    7. Time for action
  4. Creating a Positive Mind
    1. Now the work begins - Strategies for a positive mind
    2. Changing our thoughts - dismantling old beliefs
    3. Interrupting our thought patterns
    4. Being still with our thoughts
    5. Commitment, discipline and action
  5. Positive Thinking Conclusion
    • References
About the Author

Karen Davies