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Positive Psychology

A Handbook

Language:  English
This handbook introduces the readers to the interesting and very relevant science of Positive Psychology. Through practical insights, text and activities, the reader will be able to enjoy the book.
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This handbook on Positive Psychology has been designed to introduce the readers to Positive Psychology, its evolution and the practical implementation of its thoughts, ideas and practices. Positive Psychology, touted as the science of happiness and well-being has transformed the field of Psychology from a disease driven approach towards a more holistic, flourishing one. Positive Psychology is increasingly applied at workplaces, educational institutions and in the field of healthcare. This book covers the topic in a simple yet practical and understandable way. By reading this book, the reader will gain a thorough understanding of the topic.

About the author

Sandeep Kulshrestha is a Positive Psychology practitioner and a Human Resources Consultant. He is an entrepreneur, author and a speaker whose vision is to touch lives through the science of Positive Psychology. He is a firm believer in expressing gratitude and creating happiness all around. Through his work with his clients, he practices the art and science of Happiness. He is based at Hyderabad, India.

  • About The Author
  1. Introducing Positive Psychology
    1. What is Positive Psychology?
    2. The Historical Perspective
    3. Martin Seligman and the Beginnings of Positive Psychology Movement
    4. The PERMA Model and its’ significance for a fulfilling life
    5. FLOW and Positive Psychology
    6. The Disease Model Vs Flourish Model
    7. Branches of Positive Psychology
  2. Decoding PERMA Model of Well-Being
    1. Positive Emotions
    2. Engagement
    3. Positive Relationships
    4. Meaning
    5. Accomplishment
    6. Daily Rituals to Practice PERMA
  3. Character Strengths and Positive Psychology
    1. Character Strengths Study
    2. Character Strengths Classification
    3. The VIA Survey
    4. Applicability of Character Strengths approach in schools and workplaces
  4. Resilience and Positive Psychology
    1. Understanding and Defining Resilience
    2. The Mindset of Resilience
    3. Identifying and Leveraging Strengths
    4. Focusing on Progress and not just Goals
    5. Building Resilience at the Workplaces
    6. Developing Resilience through Transformative Leadership
    7. Coaching for Resilience
    8. Resilience and Grit
  5. Building Positive Organisations
    1. Positive Organisational Behavior
    2. Practices For Developing Positive Organisations
    3. The Power of Gratitude
    4. Building Engaged work teams
    5. Change Management through Positive Psychology and Appreciative Inquiry
  6. Positive Education
    1. Introducing Positive Education
    2. History of Positive Education
    3. Leveraging Character Strengths in Children
    4. Developing Positive Classrooms
    5. Few Examples of Positive Education in action
    6. Positive Psychology in Higher Education
  7. Positive Psychology and Working from Home
    1. The Practices One May Adapt To
    2. Work-Life Harmony and Working from Home
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About the Author

Sandeep Kulshrestha