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PMBOK® Guide: Part 2


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This book offers numerous suggestions on how to improve the guide. Topics include fixing errors, closing gaps, clarifying inconsistencies and suggestions for new chapters.
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PMBOK® Guide – Improvements is the second in a 2-book series on transforming this leading guide from its current theoretical state into a practical approach that helps the readers better understand this guide and how to apply on real life projects.

The PMBOK® Guide (A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge®) is a leading standard document with millions of copies in circulation. However, this guide is developed and updated through a large number of volunteers and collaborative work. This approach leads to gaps, errors, inconsistencies, and areas that are commonly misunderstood.

In this first part, we offer numerous suggestions on how to improve the guide. Topics include fixing the errors, closing the gaps, and clarifying the inconsistencies. Further, the book offers suggestions for new chapters and a proposal for a major change in the process groups and processes.

  1. Introduction to Part 2
    1. Overview
    2. What to include in a revised PMBOK® Guide
    3. More content = more pages
    4. Reducing the size of the guide
    5. Closing comments
  2. Covering The Missing Parts
    1. What is missing?
    2. A methodology
    3. Organizational system
    4. Tailoring and customization
    5. Project classification
    6. Templates and forms
    7. Project life cycle
    8. Benefits realization and new project definition
    9. References and external resources
  3. Emphasizing Certain Elements
    1. What is not emphasized enough?
    2. Planning
    3. Project change management
    4. Scope management and scope creep
    5. Differentiating changes from variances
    6. Project success
    7. Project management team
    8. Organizational context
    9. Professional responsibility
  4. Clearing The Inconsistencies
    1. What are the inconsistencies?
    2. Terminology
    3. Audit
    4. Quality assurance
    5. Project life cycle and project success
    6. Split the ‘manage the team’ process
    7. Acquire the team
    8. Scope and executing
    9. Where is the control reference?
    10. Monitor and control
  5. New Recommendations
    1. Reduce unnecessary white space
    2. Removing ITTOs
    3. New performance management knowledge area
    4. Closing comments
  6. Planning Structural Change
    1. Introduction
    2. One or more plans?
    3. Recommendation
    4. Closing Summary
  7. Managing Per the Project’s Class
    1. Project Classification
    2. How do we measure size and complexity?
    3. Classification in the PMBOK® Guide
    4. How to manage per a given classification?
    5. Light PMBOK® Guide
  8. Managing The Project Life Cycle
    1. Introduction
    2. Managing across the phases – charter
    3. Managing across the phases – other topics
    4. Closing Comments
  9. Additional Processes
    1. Introduction
    2. Proposed revised process chart
    3. Is this too much?
    4. Initiating additional processes
    5. Planning additional processes
    6. Executing additional processes
    7. Controlling additional processes
    8. Closing additional processes
    9. Closing Comments
  10. Team of Experts To Review
    1. The challenging situation
    2. The recommendation
    3. The volunteers
    4. PMI view
    5. Final justifications point
  11. Closing Chapter
    1. Introduction
    2. List of Additional Chapters
    3. Final Statement
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