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Obtaining and Retaining Customers - Part I

Customer Acquisition

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To survive and prosper in today’s competitive environment, irrespective of the type of business concerned, a focus on the needs of the customers is paramount.
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At the heart of this book is the belief that to survive and prosper in today’s competitive environment, irrespective of the type of business concerned, a focus on the needs of the customers is paramount – if customer don’t get what they want, they go elsewhere and with the contemporary digital environment, going elsewhere has never been easier to do.

As such customer retention has grown to be a strategic issue for organisations. Peters (1989) in Thriving on Chaos, puts it succinctly;

“It boils down to this: when you build a plant, it starts depreciating the day it opens. The well-served customer, on the other hand, is an appreciating asset. Every small act on their behalf ups the odds for repeat business, add-on business and priceless word-of-mouth referral.”

This book looks at the techniques that have emerged as a result of this type of thinking, and whilst there is attention giving to attracting – “Obtaining” – customers the emphasis is squarely on retaining and growing customers.

  1. Why do Customers Count?
    1. Changes in the business environment
  2. Developing a Customer Oriented Business
    1. The Customer’s Perception is everything
    2. So why do customers buy?
    3. Measure to Improve
  3. Obtaining Customers
    1. How do we attract customers: Marketing
    2. Obtaining Customers; the sales perspective
    3. Value-based marketing: marketing metrics
    4. Marketing Basics
    5. Understanding needs
    6. Profiling, Segmentation & Targeting
    7. Issues in 21st century marketing
    8. The offer
    9. CRM – Customer Relationship Management
Dealing with diverse age groups, people of diverse cultures and education backgrounds can be such a daunting task. As a community pharmacist, I find the book enlightening.
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About the Author

Andrew Whalley

Marketing Strategist, Consultant, Educator and Author.

Andrew is a higher education teaching specialist with over 25 years international experience in universities and executive education to audiences from 5 to 500.

He is currently a Teaching focussed Marketing Lecturer at Royal Holloway University of London, where he concentrates on topics in Strategic and Digital Marketing and as a pedagogic specialist mentors less experienced colleagues.

Prior to lecturing, Andrew was an officer in the British Army, after which he gained commercial experience as a consultant, director, interim manager and executive director, in a range of International commercial organisations, the largest as a board director of a multi-million pound international business. Including being responsible for the graduate training which is where he developed his passion for teaching.

Andrew’s passion extends to his own education; he holds six degrees, three masters and a DBA, alongside numerous professional and executive education qualifications. He is the author of fifteen academic and management publications.

Andrew works regularly with businesses in the development of their marketing strategy both in the UK and Internationally.