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Nuclear Powered Ships and Submarines

Language:  English
Nuclear powered passenger and naval ships, submarines and icebreakers are described on a country by country basis. There is some emphasis on the design and operation of the nuclear reactors.
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Nuclear powered ships and submarines of the USA, Russia, China, Japan, the UK, France, India and Brazil are described. That President Eisenhower’s ‘Atoms for Peace’ policy motivated the use of nuclear fuels in shipping in emphasised. Descriptions of the various pressurised water reactors are given, and the liquid metal (sodium) reactor also features. There are several related calculations and many illustrations. Very recently built submarines feature, including HMS Audacious which commenced sea trials in 2020. Cargo ships using nuclear fuel have been almost unknown, and this is discussed.

About the author

Clifford Jones has spent a working lifetime in teaching, research and writing on fuels and combustion. He has held academic posts in the UK and Australia and has held visiting posts in a number of countries including Kazakhstan. He has written 32 books and numerous papers and articles. He has major broadcasting experience.

  1. The USA: Surface vessels
    1. NS Savannah
    2. US naval surface vessels
    3. References
  2. The USA: Submarines
    1. Submarines now decommissioned
    2. Submarines currently in operation
    3. Further remarks
    4. References
  3. Russia
    1. Icebreakers
    2. Naval surface vessels
    3. Russian nuclear submarines
    4. Concluding remarks
    5. References
  4. China and Japan
    1. China
    2. Japan
    3. References
  5. Great Britain: The Royal Navy Submarine Service
    1. Dreadnought
    2. Valiant class submarines
    3. Resolution class submarines
    4. Churchill class submarine
    5. Swiftsure class submarine
    6. Trafalgar class submarine
    7. Vanguard class submarines
    8. Astute class submarine
    9. Dreadnought class submarines
    10. Further comments
    11. References
  6. France
    1. The nuclear aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle
    2. French nuclear submarines
    3. Further information
    4. References
  7. India
    1. Submarines leased from Russia
    2. The Arihant class nuclear submarine
    3. Further information
    4. References
  8. Brazil
    1. Riachuelo class nuclear submarines
    2. The Álvaro Alberto nuclear submarine
    3. Further comments
    4. General afterword
    5. References
About the Author

Prof. Dr J. Clifford Jones