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Negotiate at home and abroad

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Win-Win? This shows you how it works – especially across culture gaps that can spoil deals or relationships. Design and drive a gentle but dynamic process, using empathy and influence.
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NEGOTIATE AT HOME AND ABROAD is a ‘how to’ manual for any negotiator – the beginner seeking basic frameworks, processes and tools, or the old hand wanting fresh insights into what works, how and why...because the learning never stops! The extra dimension, ‘abroad’, offers Dos & Don’ts for those who have dealings in a global context: building trust with people and institutions across cultural gaps, balancing detail in the tasks (buying, selling, fixing details in the contract) against the all-important factors of perception, values and communication. The text is full of checklists, quizzes, and graphic illustrations, following a step-by-step programme - from preparation to the final handshake, looking out for ‘dirty tricks’ along the way. Read from front to back; it’s easy to follow and free of jargon. Or you can just dip into it for a fresh idea in the taxi from the airport to that key meeting across the table.

  1. Principles & people
    1. Key concepts
    2. Attitudes & skills
    3. Look in the mirror
  2. Process & protocol
    1. Where the real power lies
    2. Five phases
    3. Personality profile
  3. Preparation & planning
    1. Look at it from all sides
    2. Do some research
    3. Decisions in the dressing room
  4. Enquiry & exploration
    1. Set a tone of collaboration
    2. What’s all this about questions???
    3. Quizzes
  5. Revision & repackaging
    1. Take stock of what you have learned
    2. Give-and-take
  6. Proposal & pitching
    1. Being credible, clear and convincing
    2. Clarity
    3. Conviction
  7. Bargaining not bullying
    1. Rituals & principles
    2. Increments & closing
    3. Dirty tricks
  8. Final Thoughts
    1. Summary
    2. Further reading & training
    3. Spread the word
About the Author

John Mattock

John’s books about international business communication have been published in many languages. This is his first for Bookboon – written to bring common sense and flexible practices to a wide range of readers, to diminish frustration and conflict, and to boost confidence and ethical success.

As director of Right Brain Training, John has been designing and delivering Professional Learning and Development programmes for 30 years – in the ‘soft’ areas, such as Leadership, Influencing Skills, Public Speaking/Presentation, Change Management, Remote Team Working and, of course, Negotiation.

He and his colleagues at Right Brain facilitate conferences, train small interactive groups and coach individuals. Increasingly, the training is done remotely – webinars in various formats, saving costs for the client and reducing carbon footprint.

Our clients come from every sector (technology, finance, heavy industry, aerospace, agriculture, academia, media, mining, transport, consumer goods, the Arts…), every function (R&D, Production, Marketing, Sales, Procurement, Communications, HR…) and every level (Board of Directors, middle management, graduate trainees…).

Participants appreciate our ability to spot the ‘universals’ in many management situations, and our knack of bringing life to concepts that can otherwise seem abstract – making them accessible, realistic and practical: lots of learning-by-doing and very little PowerPoint J.

Of course, if you would like John or one of his excellent colleagues to come to your assistance with advice about training….

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