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Motivating Different Generations

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‘I lead a team that’s a mix of Boomers, Gen X and Millennials. How can I motivate them at work - especially virtual work?’
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Having a multigenerational team has its benefits, for sure, and can also be challenging for the leader - either in small businesses or in large organizations.

Understanding the main motivators for different generations and what they expect from the leader is crucial! That’s what helps you, as a leader, to communicate effectively with your different team members, and it also helps your team feel more engaged and motivated, as you will be ‘speaking the same language’!

So let's look at what motivates each generation and how you, as their leader, can help them feel included!

About the author

Roxana Radulescu is the Founder of All Personal, a bespoke training, coaching and consulting company, the first Canadian Partner Organization to The Game-Changing Index®!

Roxana helps corporate, small businesses and non-profit organizations build game-changing teams and cultures!

She is a TEDx speaker, master coach, facilitator, online course designer and certified GCologist®. She teaches Workplace Communication at York University and College Boreal in Toronto.

About the Author

Roxana Radulescu