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Mindset vs. Mindflow

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12m 3s
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Julie Hogbin talks about the differences between Mindflow and Mindset and provides you with 6 key areas to investigate for improved results in all areas of your life.
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Julie Hogbin talks about Mindset vs. Mindflow, the differences between the two and which one serves you best.Included within this audio are 6 key areas to start working on creating an improved mind for you and your future, whether that be in business or life and regardless of where you are starting from – it works for everyone.

  1. Mind Chatter
  2. Analysis
  3. The ‘naughty child’
  4. An ice cube approach
  5. The weed garden
  6. Trusted support
What is your mind telling you? How is it affecting you? #ConsciousLeadership for Business and Life.

About the Author

Julie Hogbin has worked with tens of thousands of Leaders within Busines & Life for over 3 decades across the private, public & entrepreneurial sectors. Julie is passionate about true Leadership & Management that is conducted with sound principles and integrity. The Leadership messages are the same across the sectors – great Leadership shines and can be developed. #ConsciousLeadership

About the Author

Julie Hogbin